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Known as the world’s largest package delivery company and provider of supply chain management, UPS, or otherwise known as United Parcel Service is a global logistics company.

Customers can contact the company’s representatives via working UPS Numbers i.e. 0844 306 9149 or through other online and offline communication channels.

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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The growth of UPS can be undoubtedly attributed to its commitment to satisfy customers. This page lists all significant and direct UPS contact details along with important information that is useful for the customers.

List of Important UPS Contact Numbers

UPS HelplineUK Contacts
UPS Contact customer Service Number 0345 787 7877
UPS Helpline Number 0800 742 5727
UPS Technical Support Number 0800 833 0056
UPS Shipment tracking 0345 787 7877
UPS Freight Services 0345 787 7877
Corporate Number 0800 742 5877
International Import Export Services 0800 782 7892
UPS Billing 0345 161 0016
UPS Delivery Number 0345 787 7877
If you are facing any issue with your shipment, order supplies, shipment tracking, etc., then you will find this post extremely helpful as it lists all important UPS Numbers that you might need. If you need additional information about their services, you must visit UPS home page.

Ways to Contact UPS

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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To make communication easy and possible at their best, UPS offers multiple ways to contact their customer service, team. If you have any general inquiry, you need some help with shipping, or even if you want to lodge a complaint against their service or want to provide them feedback, customers are warmly welcomed by the UPS customer care team.

You can choose any of the following communication channels depending on your convenience:

  1. Writing an Email
  2. Live Chat
  3. Making a Call
  4. Posting a handwritten letter
  5. Connecting via social media

Although all channels work well, making a call to UPS contact number is recommended as the best and fastest way to get your queries answered.

Customers can call the official UPS Numbers like 0345 787 7877 regardless of the type of their query. A representative will pick your call and then transfer it to the concerned department where an expert will handle your issues appropriately.

There is no doubt that online systems are not that reliable than speaking to people in person. People usually fear to give the wrong information in online forms or fail to initiate the process, especially when they rarely use online services. On the other hand, speaking to a real person gives you surety that the company’s representative actually handles your issues.

Tips for Posting Handwritten Letter

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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This is the least recommended way to contact UPS. Use this method only when you have to forward some relevant documents to the company, or you need to explain your issue in detail, which cannot be resolved on the phone. If you choose to post a handwritten letter to UPS, use the following postal address:

UPS contact customer service,

Forest Road, Feltham,

Middlesex TW13 7DY,

United Kingdom

Important Tips:

  1. Make sure you elaborate your issue properly in an easy-to-understand manner and legible handwriting.
  2. Give your correct name, contact number, and address to ensure that you will receive the response.
  3. Also, mention the right address (as given above) on the envelope to assure the accurate delivery of your letter.

In case, you don’t receive the response within expected time duration; you can call at UPS contact number 0800 742 5727 to discuss the issue.


UPS Contact Numbers UK

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What are the benefits of registering for MyUPS?

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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by registering for MyUPS, customers can better manage their shipping operations, improve tracking and provide themselves an expanded video of their shipping status. Here are the services that registered users enjoy at no cost:

  1. UPS Internet Shipping: Customers get an easily accessible point for all their shipping tasks. They can create professional labels and store up to 2,000 addresses in their personal address book, track their packages, and view the evidence of delivery online.
  2. Improved Tracking Experience: You can track multiple packages at one time and request status update notifications and request delivery change options also.
  3. Order Supplies: My UPS enables you to order free packaging material frequently.
  4. Open a UPS Account: Creating My UPS account gives you additional benefits like billing for your shipping charges and services on a weekly basis.

What will the information provide while registering for MyUPS be used for?

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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UPS uses this information to enhance customer experience with their services. They try to meet the needs and preferences of their customers by their information provided. With approval, customers receive information about UPS products, services and system change on the email or phone numbers provided by the customers. Users can opt-out from receiving the information if desired.

Will my address mention in my address book be secure?

Address book offers the customers a convenience so that they don’t need to re-enter frequently used information. All information in your address book is secured with UPS system. This information is used only for speeding up your shipping activities.

What does case sensitive means?

In My UPS, case sensitivity distinguishes upper and lower case characters in your User ID and password. This feature enhances the security of your login information.

UPS Helpline Number

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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The UPS Contact detail is available not only for feedback, general inquiries and help, but UPS customer service team is ready to accept unfortunate events and customers’ complaints about their services. Despite that UPS is an award-winning delivery, logistics and transportation company in the UK, things can still go wrong, and your packages can be delivered late due to inevitable reasons. You can make a complaint by email or can speak to someone in person if you like. Simply call at the number 0800 742 5727 to contact UPS customer service.

You can make a complaint by email or can speak to someone in person if you like. Simply call at UPS Numbers like 0800 742 5727 to contact UPS customer service.

Tracking your Shipment with UPS

UPS Contact Numbers UK

UPS offers you multiple ways to track your shipment. You can track by number, by reference number, by email, by importing tracking number or can use SMS tracking option. To track your shipment by number, you need to enter your 25-digits tracking or info notice number on their website.

If you choose to track by reference number, UPS asks for your shipment type, reference number, date range, shipper account number, destination country, and destination zip/postal code.

You can also contact UPS customer service by dialing their UPS tracking contact number 0345 787 7877.

My UPS Account

UPS Contact Numbers UK

If you are already registered with UPS, simply enter your login ID and password into the given fields. Remember, the user ID and password are case-sensitive.

On the other hand, if you are a new user, willing to make new My UPS account, you have to option: sign in with your Facebook account or register with all details. Registering with UPS offers you many time-saving features like customized shipping preferences, easy access to your shipping history and tracking details, and international shipping services as well.

If you feel any difficulty with login or signing up My UPS account, you should make a call at UPS contact number 0800 742 5727 and take help from their customer care executive.

UPS Corporate Number

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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Do you have any corporate issue or inquiry surrounding UPS? The perfect solution is to get in touch with UPS corporate division team. Make sure you have all information with you while making a call to UPS. This will make the entire process easier and faster.

You can contact UPS corporate division at their concerned number 0800 742 5877. One of the division’s representative will assist you with any query you might have. The best thing about UPS customer support team is that they are well-qualified and knowledgeable about all the jobs they are assigned with.

Other important numbers related to UPS corporate services are:

UPS Shipment Tracking: 0345 787 7 877

UPS Freight Services: 0345 787 7 877

International Import Export Services: 0800 782 7892

If you have shipment services for loads more than 150 lbs, then you will be happy to know that UPS offers customized freight services tailored to your needs. For more information regarding this, get in touch with them by calling at UPS contact numbers 0345 787 7 877.

For details regarding UPS’s under international import export services, feel free to get in touch with them using the UPS Numbers 0800 782 7892.

UPS Billing Phone Number

UPS Contact Numbers UK

Do you need some help or have any complaint regarding UPS billing services? Then find here UPS contact details – 0345 161 0016 to resolve your issues. You can also do this without making a call. Just visit UPS billing page and download all the billing analysis and details you need.

UPS Delivery Number

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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For all queries, issues, feedback and complaints regarding UPS’s delivery services, you can address UPS Numbers – 0345 787 7877. If you need more details on UPS’s delivery services like call collection and deliveries on Saturdays, then you can visit their online UPS delivery page.

If you need assistance with installing, upgrading, or using any kind of UPS technology, call the technical department on 0800 3316010 or 0800 833 0056.

UPS on Social Media

UPS Contact Numbers UK

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If you feel comfortable with social media rather than calling UPS customer service, you can do this also. UPS customer support team is very active on all popular social media websites. You can also connect with UPS on social media to stay updated with their latest launches and offers.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. YouTube


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