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Yorkshire Bank offers various banking solutions to its customers. Private banking is a service that the bank has been providing for decades. Their current private banking solution includes account tracking, mortgages, private finance, amongst others. Their private banking solution also comes with other extras such as Multi-Trip health insurance for their customers and their whole family. You can easily get in touch with the support team by calling the Yorkshire Bank Phone Number on 0800 456 1 247.

Yorkshire Bank Phone Number

Yorkshire Bank ServicesUK Contact Numbers
Customer Service Helpline UK +44 141 951 7315
Yorkshire 24 hours Service Number 0800 456 1 247
PPI Insurance Helpline 0800 055 6655
Yorkshire Credit Card Service Number 0800 678 3320

Yorkshire Bank is one of the oldest banks in the United Kingdom. Colonel Edward Akroyd, of Halifax, founded the bank in 1859. It was initially started as a penny savings bank and operated under a non-profit model at that time. The bank’s name was changed later to Yorkshire Bank Limited. The bank currently operates in England and Wales. Since 2006, the bank has seen a steady growth in revenue. This is despite the slump in profits in 2015, and the exit of Natural Australia Bank, which was officially announced in October 2014. If you are seeking for contact details of the bank, you can make a call on the Yorkshire Bank Phone Number on 0800 456 1 247.

The bank has also been faced with technical issues regarding their online accounts. Their travel insurance cover applies to virtually all destinations worldwide except high-risk areas like Sudan, Liberia, and Afghanistan. They also offer credit and loans to their customers at competitive rates. You can enquire about these services through Yorkshire Bank Phone Number.

You can contact their customer service through the Yorkshire Bank Phone Number, which is +44 141 951 7315. Other than using the Yorkshire Bank Phone Number, you can use their internet banking platform to make some of the transactions or get information on any of the issues you may be having with your account. Even if you are going to use the Yorkshire Bank Phone Number, it is always more effective to get information and proof before calling customer support.

It is, therefore, wise to record the Yorkshire Bank Phone Number somewhere. Get in touch with the support team by visiting the main website of the company. Alternatively, you can get in touch by dialing the Yorkshire Bank Phone Number on 0800 456 1 247. The support team will guide you regarding any issues and provide appropriate resolution.

Here is the list of ways by which you can easily get in touch with the support team of Yorkshire:

  1. Calling on the Yorkshire Bank Phone Number.
  2. Contact the Yorkshire bank customer care support providers by sending an email in the registered mail.
  3. Check-in via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  4. Visit the official Yorkshire contact us page.

Yorkshire Bank Phone Number

Yorkshire Service Address

Yorkshire Bank,

17-21 Oxford St,

Bolton BL1 1RD,


Useful Tips

For the citizens of the United Kingdom, the company has provided a 24 hours helpline number, and you can make a call on the helpline number as per your convenience.

In case you are calling from outside the UK, you can dial the phone number for Yorkshire bank i.e. +44 141 951 7315.

Make sure that you are specific regarding your queries and always make a call on the official helpline so as to get a proper response from the service providers.

Keep your personal documents in a ready state if you have any account related queries.

Yorkshire Customer Service Number

Yoprkshire customer service numbers

Yorkshire is the finest banking service provider in the UK serving millions of people. Internet banking can be very useful for those who are busy. Yorkshire Bank has an elaborate internet banking system that allows you to perform a lot of tasks at home. They also offer tips on investing, buying mortgages, and working on their finances. The company is also known for their top-notch customer care services. You can get in touch with the support team by making a call on Yorkshire bank customer services phone number on 0800 456 1 247. Also, you can explore the company’s main website for further details regarding the services.

Following is the list of services offered by Yorkshire Bank:

  1. Banking Services
  2. Loan Services
  3. Credit Cards
  4. Internet Banking

Apart from this, you can easily explore the official Yorkshire website for further details regarding the services of the bank.

Yorkshire Customer Service Experience

Yorkshire Bank Phone Number

Yorkshire is a renowned banking service provider in the UK. The company is currently serving millions of customers that are pleased with the services of the company. In case you are not satisfied with the banking services of Yorkshire, feel free to call the Yorkshire Bank free phone number. Also, you have an option to have a chat session with the support team by simply visiting the main website of the bank. They have an experienced team of professional service executives that is always ready to serve you the best.

Yorkshire Service Enquiry

phone number for Yorkshire bank

If you are facing some troubles with the bank’s services, you can contact the official support services of the bank by visiting their official website. Moreover, you can easily make a call on the Yorkshire bank customer services phone number on 0800 456 1 247. Also, the bank offers an option to have a chat session with the customer care executives. You can explore the main website of the bank and tap on the contact us option. The lines of the customer care number are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Here is the detailed information regarding the services of Yorkshire Bank:

Banking Services

phone number for Yorkshire bank

Yorkshire is the leading banking service provider in the United Kingdom having millions of pleased customers. Moreover, the bank offers best in class finance services that are commendable. You can easily apply for numerous flexible banking services and experience the finest banking facilities. The bank is also known for their premium internet banking services that provide you an ease of shopping and bill payments. Visit the official website of the bank for detailed information regarding account and finance schemes. Alternatively, just dial the Yorkshire bank phone number on 0800 456 1 247.

Loan Services

phone number for Yorkshire bank

The Yorkshire Bank is known for their effortless loan services. Furthermore, the company leaves no stone unturned in pleasing their valuable clients because customer’s satisfaction is their biggest priority. You can easily apply for a personal loan and that too at flexible interest rates. You just need to get in touch with the support team by visiting their nearest branch. The loan services are available with easy EMI options for the sake of the valuable clients of Yorkshire.  Also, you can visit the official website of the bank because website contains all the necessary information. Alternatively, simply dial the phone number for Yorkshire Bank on 0800 456 1 247.  

Credit Cards

Yorkshire bank customer services phone number

If you are seeking for the promising credit card services for your convenience of shopping, undoubtedly, Yorkshire is the prominent choice. The bank offers premium credit cards for easy shopping and bill payments. Also, you can book your flights and movie tickets with their credit card and avail the finest offers and promotional schemes benefits. You can apply for the credit card for your business as well as personal needs. Visit your nearest Yorkshire branch for further details about the necessary documents required for the application of credit card. To get contact details of your nearest branch, make a call on the Yorkshire bank customer services phone number.

Internet Banking

Yorkshire bank customer services phone number

Apart from the loan services, the bank offers a wide range of offers and discounts to promote their internet banking services. The priority customers can get numerous benefits through the finest internet banking services of Yorkshire. Just connect with the support team to know more about the eligibility and application of the services. Make sure that you keep all your personal details handy while calling the support team. It is necessarily important to get instant support services from the assistance team of Yorkshire. The main Yorkshire bank customer services phone number is 0800 456 1 247, and you can make calls on this number from the UK.

Complaints and General Inquiries

Yorkshire bank customer services phone number

If you are unhappy with the services of Yorkshire, get in touch with the support team. Simply make a call on the helpline number of the company. The support team assures promising services for their precious clients. Just make a call on the helpline number, and you will get an optimum resolution for your queries. You can visit the contact us page of the company for further details. The support team is available to serve you at your convenience. Visit the official website of the company and experience the pleasure of finest banking services. Make sure that you have all your personal details in a ready state before making a call to the support number.

Connect with Yorkshire on Social Media

Now you can easily stay updated regarding the latest news of the Yorkshire Bank by following them on different social media platforms. The bank regularly updates the necessary details for the sake of their customers. You can follow them on these different social media platforms. Also, you can share your views regarding the services of the company and provide suggestions and share your experiences with the company’s support service providers. The company loves to hear from their precious clients. Here are the various social media platform links:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube

Yorkshire Bank FAQs

  • How do I cancel paper statements?

If you have a B account with them you can turn off paper statements for some B, Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank accounts from the B App on your mobile or tablet.

Just go to your account and, if it’s set up to display online statements, you’ll see the option to view and download your statements. If you can’t see this option, your account isn’t able to display online statements yet.

Unfortunately, they can’t completely cancel your account statements if you don’t have a B account.

  • I have received my new card; will PIN remain the same?

Yes, the PIN will remain the same.

If you have received a new card due to your current one expiring or as a replacement for a damaged card you will have to use your existing PIN only.

However, if you have received your new card as a replacement for a stolen card, you will get a new PIN separately by post.

  • What is my card’s daily limit?

You can take out up to £500 a day from an ATM using your debit MasterCard contactless card. The daily limit for all other debit cards is £350. If you are uncertain of this, your card carrier will reveal the withdrawal limit.

  • Transaction fees apply when you use your debit card abroad. Details of the limits and charges which apply are provided in the Tariff Guide for the account on which your card is issued.
  • Cash element of Purchase with Cash back transactions count against the ATM limits.
  • Can I apply for a joint account with anyone?

Yes (subject to standard eligibility). You don’t need to be related to open a joint account; in fact, you don’t even need to live at the same address. Both of you, however, will need to complete your application.

  • How am I eligible to apply for a credit card online?

To be eligible to apply for a credit card online, you need to be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the UK, and should not be an existing Yorkshire Bank Credit Card customer.

If you are an existing Yorkshire Bank Card customer, you need to contact them on 0800 678 3320 about eligibility.

Credit cards are subject to status and conditions. Written quotations are available on request. Representative APR variable is 18.9%. The APRs and fees may differ. At the end of the preliminary rate, the selected rate will apply.

The actual credit limit assigned to your account will vary depending on our credit evaluation of you.

  • How can I manage my credit score?

Credit scores are also known as credit ratings that help lenders make decisions. When you appeal for a loan, mortgage or other credit, lenders don’t just look at the information you provide. They also ask a credit reference firm to check your credit history. That helps them conclude whether or not to give the loan.

Here’s how your credit score is put together:

Your application form furnishes the foundation of everything else, so it’s important you get it right. Your history with the lender will be considered regarding any previous dealings with you.

Credit associate agencies present information about your credit history on request. Some of the leading UK agencies are Experian, Equifax, CallCredit. These agencies take out all the information from the electoral roll and court records. They check the records of other lenders who have searched your file as a result of a credit application. Then, they will review the address you are linked to or any other people you have a financial connection with. Lastly, they will have a look at any credit checks carried out by utility providers.

Account information. Various organisations use credit reference agencies to share details about how you manage your finances. These include credit/store card providers, banks, energy suppliers and mobile phone operators.

Social rent payments for social housing and to housing associations can form part of your credit files.

Agencies will also frequently report on your payday loan activities, changes to your gas or electricity supplier or how you repay your bills and whether there’s any record of malicious activity against your name.

The moment they get all your information, the lenders assign points accordingly keeping in mind systems and preferences. So that total number of points is your credit score.

If you want more information on how to manage your credit score, it can be found on this page.

I have asked for a Yorkshire Bank Credit Card online, How much time will the application take?

  • I have asked for a Yorkshire Bank Credit Card online, how much time will the application take?

Most of their applications are decided instantly.

Occasionally, they take a bit longer only in few cases. For instance, they will notify you within 2 working days if your application has been approved or not. You will then be asked to sign the agreement online. Once you sign the agreement, the application process will be completed, and therefore, your new credit card will be issued. This will take 5 working days from the day you sign the application.

  • The application has been referred what does that mean?

This means they are unable to provide an immediate decision and they will confirm in email/SMS if your credit card application has been approved. This could take up to 2 business days.

  • I want to transfer my balance, how can it be done quickly?

You can provide your balance transfer details in your application if you are a new credit card customer.  If you fill up all the account details, the balance will be transferred within 10 business days of your credit card opening.

  • What information is required before starting an application online?

To get started with an easy application process, it will be a good idea to have the following information handy;

  • Your bank account details like; sort code and your account number.
  • Your annual salary before tax and your monthly in hand salary details
  • Details of your monthly expenses, such as your mortgage, loan and rent details.
  • Details of all the credit cards, overdraft balance, store cards or
  • Details of any amount that you want to transfer to your Yorkshire Bank Gold MasterCard.


  • How do I present proof of income?

If you have applied online or over the phone, you can upload your documents to their secure online portal. You can also visit your nearest Yorkshire Bank branch, where one of their advisers will help you.

  • How do I transfer my balance?

If you are a new credit card customer – you can take account of the balance transfer details on your initial online application. You can also complete the Balance Transfer request form which you will be given with your application pack, if you did not include the particulars on your original application.

But, if you already have a Yorkshire Bank Credit Card, you need to call 0800 678 3320.

  • I am having issues with my PIN, what to do?

Your new credit card is fixed for chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your PIN will be sent to you a few days after you get your card.

Changing your PIN

Your card arrives with a pre-set PIN. If you want to change that number, you can do so anytime at an ATM offering PIN Services. Choose the PIN Services option and follow the on-screen instructions. Additional cardholders can also change their PIN at any time in this way.

If you disremember your PIN

If you unintentionally enter the wrong PIN three consecutive times, even in different places, the number is locked, and you won’t be authorized to use it in shops/restaurants etc. until you unlock it. If you memorize your PIN later, you can open it at an ATM allowing PIN Services by following the on-screen directions.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, call them on 0800 678 3320, and they will post you a reminder. If your PIN were locked, you would still need to undo it at an ATM offering PIN Services by following the on-screen instructions.

Using your PIN abroad

PIN payments are standard all over the world. But, in some places, you’ll still be asked for a signature. Both methods are okay with your credit card. It’s very important to remember your PIN abroad since it can’t be unlocked while you’re out of the UK, and you may not all the time be able to sign for purchases.

PIN security

You need to keep your PIN private at all times. If you think that someone else knows your PIN, contact Yorkshire Bank at 0800 678 3320.

When wouldn’t I use a PIN payment?

If there’s no chip and PIN system in place, you can authorize your payment with a signature. Contactless payments and transactions made by phone, mail or over the internet don’t need a PIN. If you have a disability or a serious medical condition in that case you can’t use chip and PIN, for that you need to contact them on this number 0800678 3320.



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