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Vanquis Bank is a subset of the Provident Financial Group, established in 2003.

In this article, you can find the most pertinent and helpful numbers for contacting the Vanquis Bank.

You can also find the direct Vanquis Bank Customer Care Numbers and company’s local address for related customer service requirements. For more information regarding the Vanquis Bank and its contact details, you can visit the Official Contact Us Page.

Vanquis Bank Contact Number List

Vanquis Bank HelplineUK Contact Numbers
My Vanquis Account 03300993000
Credit Cards 08007819660
Credit Cards for bad credit 03300993002
Complaints 08000234567

Vanquis Bank was set up by Provident Financial and was licensed for Consumer Credit by the OFT in 2002. This bank is the leading specialist provider of credit cards to the customers in the non-standard segment of the UK market.

It also offers credit cards under the VISA brand for the UK residents with an uneven and a limited credit history. Also, it offers a fixed rate bond service, which was established in 2011.

The head office of Vanquis is at 20 Fenchurch Street in London. Previously, this bank was based in 12 Arthur Street and was originally known as the Minister House. It also operates a call center in Chatham that makes it one of the largest employers in the Thames Gateway area.

Apart from providing the exceptional credit card, home insurance, and savings services, this bank also provides superlative customer care services. Vanquis Bank customer care agents are quite responsive and are dedicated to resolving every query of their clients.

Regardless of all your queries and issues, you can get in touch with one of the leading banks through various Vanquis bank contact numbers and social media platforms.

Ways to Contact Vanquis Bank Customer Services

There are various communication channels provided by the Vanquis Bank to contact their customer service, representatives.

In case, if you have to go through any issue or if you have any query regarding the credit cards, insurance, and savings, you can directly get in touch with their agents by using their various communication channels.

Following are the ways by which you can get in contact with the Vanquis Bank customer services:

  1. Contact the Vanquis Bank customer services through landline.
  2. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  3. Send a handwritten letter to their postal address
  4. Write an email to their mailing address
  5. Visit the Vanquis Bank Contact Us Page.

Vanquis Bank customer service number


For more information regarding the Vanquis Bank contact details, you can visit the main site.

Vanquis Bank Customer Service Address

If you do not want to contact the Vanquis Bank customer services by call or email, you can send a handwritten letter to their official postal address:

Vanquis Bank Ltd, CHATHAM 4EL, 397 High St, Gillingham, Chatham ME4, UK

Tips for writing the letter:

While writing the letter, try to give as much information as possible about the query but do not mention the personal information that can be easily compromised.

Give complete information about your query like what query you are facing, what issues it has caused to you, and how do you want us to resolve it.

Be highly detailed in writing your query and also follow a precise manner for writing it. Also, mention the following details in your letter to get a helpful response:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Contact details.
  3. Information regarding your bank account like the account number.
  4. Insurance number, credit card details, and all other important information regarding your query.

Remember to mention your contact details in a proper way so that the Vanquis Bank agents can contact you easily. This is a slow way of communication and can take around ten days to get your issue resolved.

Vanquis Bank Services Enquiry

Vanquis bank helpline numbers UK

Every customer of Vanquis Bank is valuable and is always welcome to call the Vanquis Bank customer service numbers and get in touch with their agents regarding any query. You can use this contact number for Vanquis Bank, 03300993000, and get your issues resolved related to credit card, insurances, and savings.

Your call will be received by the Vanquis Bank customer care agent, who will forward your call to the respective departments like credit cards, complaints department, savings, and insurances. You can also discuss new credit card issues, my account issues, along with providing feedback on the services provided by the bank.

Vanquis Bank offers many incredible banking services like:

  1. Vanquis bank account
  2. Credit cards
  3. Home Insurance
  4. Savings
  5. Pay my Card service
  6. Advice on credit cards

The main Vanquis Bank customer service number is 03300993000. You can use this helpline number and get in touch with their representatives regarding any query.


As of 2016, Calls made to the 0800 numbers are free of cost from all landlines or mobiles. Calls made to (01), (02) and (03) Vanquis Bank contact telephone numbers are normally included in free plan minutes. Otherwise, the charges applied are 7 pence per minute, in addition to the charges applied by the local tariffs.

In case, if you are calling from outside the United Kingdom, international call rates will be applied as assigned by your telephone service provider.

We recommend you to consult your service provider before making the call.

Recommended Tip for contacting the Vanquis Bank customer services:

Keep the following details near you while placing the call to avoid any inconveniences when getting your issues resolved:

  1. Account Information.
  2. Credit Card details.
  3. Insurance Number.
  4. Pay my card details and all other important information regarding your query.

Operating Hours of Vanquis Bank

Vanquis Bank provides exceptional credit card and banking services, along with providing the extraordinary customer services to their clients. You can use this Vanquis Bank customer service number, 03300993000, and get in touch with their agents in the operating hours.

The Vanquis Bank opening and closing times are:

  1. Customer service, from 8 am-8 pm (Monday-Friday), 9 am-5:30 pm(Saturdays)
  2. Quick call number, 01623232323 is available 24 hours a day.
  3. For card activation, the operating hours are from 8 am-9 pm (Monday to Friday), 9 am-5:30 pm(Saturdays)
  4. For lost and stolen cards, the helpline numbers are available for 24 hours a day.
  5. The helpline numbers are available from 8 am-9 pm (Monday to Friday), 9 am-5:30 pm(Saturdays).

Vanquis Bank Services

Vanquis provides a large number of banking services in which you can view your current bank balance, latest transaction, get a credit card, home insurance while making your banking experience more customized. You can dial this Vanquis Bank contact telephone number, 0330993000 to get in touch with their agents regarding any query.

My Vanquis Account

Vanquis bank customer services

If you have a Vanquis bank account, then probably you need to get a My Vanquis account on their official website. With this My Vanquis account, you can easily build your credit rating with them; you can make payments along with keeping track of your debts, credits, and current balance.

Also, with this account, you will have access to the details such as how you can use your Visa card and other details about the card. Vanquis Bank has a special team, which assists you with all the things regarding the Vanquis account.

You can use this Vanquis Bank customer care numbers, 03300993000 or 03300993002 for more information regarding the My Vanquis account.

Credit Card Advice

Vanquis Bank customer care UK

The advice you will receive from the Vanquis Bank agents will include whether they have the right credit card, advice on credit card security, credit calculation, and how to improve your credit card rating.

Also, you will receive the tips on how you can manage your finances.

For credit card advice from Vanquis Bank agents, you can use this Vanquis Bank contact telephone number, 08007819660.

There are various credit cards services provided by the Vanquis Bank like:

Vanquis bank customer care services UK

  1. Credit Card for bad credits.
  2. Credit cards for discharged bankrupts.
  3. Low and minimum wage credit cards.
  4. Credit cards for divorced and separated people.

For all the queries regarding these credit card services, you can call on this Vanquis Bank customer care number, 03300993000 and 03300993002.

Home Insurance

Vanquis Bank contact numbers UK

Vanquis Bank has designed the home insurances that will cater all the needs of their clients. The various kinds of home insurances are:

  1. Homeowners insurance.
  2. Home Renters Insurance.

While the homeowner’s insurance provides you with the service of paying for your covers monthly without paying extra charges for the cost while in the home renters insurance; you can save your possessions against any loss, damage, or theft.

  1. The new customers can use this Vanquis Bank customer service number, 03306602111.
  2. For claims, dial 03301026836.
  3. For changes and renewal of your policy, you can dial, 03301026837.


If you have any complaints or feedback regarding the services offered by the Vanquis Bank, you can use this Vanquis Bank customer service number to raise a complaint, 08000234567 or 03001239123.

You can also visit or write to the address mentioned below:

Vanquis Bank Ltd

Fifty Pembroke Maritime CHATHAM 4EL, 397 High St, Gillingham, Chatham ME4, UK


Contact Vanquis Bank via Social Media

Vanquis Bank customer service numbers
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You can get in contact with the Vanquis Bank customer care agents through several social media channels like:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook

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Vanquis Bank FAQs

Application FAQs

  • How Can I Apply For A Vanquis Credit Card?

You can apply by filling the online application form on the Vanquis bank’s website.

  • Will Your Decision Get Affected If I’ve been Turned Down Before?

No, your credit history need not mean that you’ll get turned down. The applications are considered on merit, and Vanquis bank will still consider if you’ve been turned down in the past.

  • Is There Any Application Fee?

No, you’ll not be charged to apply for the card. Also, there is no annual fee if your application gets accepted.

  • When Do I Get A Response From The Bank?

If you apply online, you’ll get a response within one minute. If Vanquis bank needs to speak with you about the application, they’ll generally call you within 15 minutes of the application being submitted.

For the accepted customers, they will tell you over the phone about the acceptance. All the applicants will receive a decision within 28 days.

  • How Do You Work Out My Interest Rate?

Vanquis bank uses risk-based pricing. When you apply, they will assess the information on your application and the information on your credit history from reference agencies.

  • What’ll Happen If I’m Accepted?

Vanquis bank will send your card and welcome pack to your address. However, you’ll need to call the bank to activate your card.

  • Can I Cancel My Credit Card?

After applying for the card and receiving your credit limit, you have 15 days to withdraw from the agreement and cancel the card. Also, you will have to repay the bank any credit and interest pending on your balance within 30 days. The interest will be charged for each day between credit being drawn and repaid. Also, you can close your account at any time, but you must refund the bank any credit, interest and unpaid charges pending on your account.

  • How Much Time Will It Take From Applying For A Credit Card And Receiving One?

Usually, it takes between 10-14 days from the submission of your application. However, if the bank needs to contact you for extra information, it could take longer. And, your PIN will arrive separately in the post.

  • Why My Application Was Turned Down?

Vanquis bank takes your financial circumstances into account to establish the appropriate level of credit to grant you. Your applications may be assessed using credit scoring that accesses credit stability and ability to pay. The method produces consistent decision to ensure all applicants are treated fairly.

If your application is declined, this is based on the information obtained by the credit scoring.

Vanquis Credit Card FAQs

  • What Does A Vanquis Credit Card Do?

You can use this card to purchase goods and services anywhere in the world, wherever the Visa symbol is visible. You can use this card to take out cash from the ATM.

You can use the credit card immediately, provided you have enough credit on your card. Also, you’ll receive statements showing your fees, transactions, charges and any payments.

You need to pay the minimum payment by the date mentioned in your statement.

  • How Long Do I Have Access To The Credit?

If you meet at least the minimum payment each month on time and stay within the credit limit, you can have continued access to the credit card. However, the bank has the right to decrease your limit depending on your financial circumstances and how you use your card. Also, the bank can close your account but it will give you at least 2 months notice before it.

  • How Much Credit Can You Lend To Me?

Credit limit starts at £150 and can be no more than £1,000. It depends on your financial circumstances, credit history and how you are managing your current credit facilities. After opening the account, the bank will write to you to let you know about your credit limit. The limit may change in the future depending on how you manage your credit and account.

  • Why Do I Have More Than One Interest Rate On My Account?

One interest rate is for purchases, and the other one is for cash advances and credit card cheque. The rate of interest for purchases is less whereas the interest for other one is higher.

Using Vanquis Card FAQs

  • Where Can I Use My Vanquis Card?

You can use your card anywhere in the world, where you see the Visa sign. The card can be used online too.

  • How Can I Keep Track Of My Spending?

Vanquis bank will send you a monthly statement listing the date and place of each purchase you’ve made, cash you’ve withdrawn, and the payments bank received from you. You can also call the bank on 01623 23 23 23 to check your account anytime.

  • Can I Increase My Credit Limit?

Vanquis bank will provide you with a limit that reflects your needs and ability to manage the account. If you want to increase your limit, you must make use of credit limit without going over the limit and make the payments on time. By this, you demonstrate the bank that you can handle the monthly repayments.

Also, keep your other credit cards, catalogues, loans, mortgages and mobile phone in the order and don’t take extra debt elsewhere.

Contactless FAQs

  • What Is Contactless?

Contactless is an easy, fast and secure way of making payments up to the amount of £30.

  • How Does Contactless Work?

When you see the contactless symbol, just touch your card against the card reader until the light turns green or you hear a beep. The reader will confirm your transaction is done.

  • Can The Contactless Card Be Used Immediately?

If you have a new contactless card, you’ll need to complete a chip and PIN transaction before you can make a contactless payment. This step is to ensure security and that your card is in your hand and not someone else’s hand.

  • What Are The Benefits Of A Contactless Card?

This is a secure, fast and easy to pay in seconds that saves you a lot of time. You need not carry cash around or enter the PIN every time you make a payment.

  • Is Contactless Payment Method Secure?

Yes, this method is just as secure as PIN and Chip. For more security, you will occasionally be asked to enter your sign or PIN.

  • Is There A Daily Limit While Using Contactless?

No, there is no daily limit provided you have enough credit to pay for your purchase. However, there is a limit of £30 per every transaction.

  • If I’ve More Than One Card, Will The Wrong Card Be Charged?

Your card needs to be in close contact with the card reader to make payment. So make sure you have the right card by which you want to make the payment before you touch the card reader.

  • If I’ve More Than One Contactless Card, Will I Be Charged Twice?

No, you cannot pay for the same purchase on two cards. The card readers are designed to reject the payment if two cards come in contact with it.

  • Is It Possible To Pay With A Contactless Card By Mistake?

No, there is no chance that you can pay by mistake as your card needs to in very close proximity of the card reader for a payment to be made.

  • How Do I Report A Lost Or Stolen Credit Card?

If you lose your card, immediately give a call on 0800 783 9003.

Managing Your Account FAQs

  • How Can I Manage My Account Online?

You can manage the account online via Vanquis secure online service called eVanquis. Once you have registered, you can check your account balance, access your statements and pay your credit card bill online.

You can get the app for free from App Store or Google Play.

  • Who Should I Contact If I Have Any Questions About My Account?

You can call on 01623 23 23 23 if you want to check your balance and credit limit. If you prefer to speak with the customer service representative, give a call on 0330 099 3000.

  • Can I Add An Extra Card Holder To My Account?

You can apply if you want to add a card holder to your account if your account has been open for at least 6 months. Also, you must have a credit limit of at least £500, and the account should be well maintained. You must have their consent to giving us their details.

Moreover, only you are responsible for the card, and all its transactions. However, go through the terms & conditions by visiting the bank’s official website.

  • What Should I Do If My Balance Gets Too High?

You must keep track of your spending on the card and allow for interest and charges to be added to avoid going over the limit and incurring a £12 fee. If you are having difficulty in meeting your minimum payment, contact the bank immediately.

Also, it is essential to check your statement each month and ensure you can meet at least the minimum amount of your pending balance. If you can, try to pay more than the minimum payment.


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