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Universal Credit Customer Service – Overview
The Government of UK, in an attempt to support people who have no income or are working in low income jobs or are starting their own businesses, introduced the concept of Universal Credit in 2013. This universal credit is a new single payment that is made to all such claimants as opposed to the old system of paying out separately. This is a monthly payment, which brings together all the other benefits that are available to the working age group. You can contact the Universal Credit customer service at 0345 600 0723.

About Universal Credit Services
Universal Credit is a scheme by the Government of UK, which allows people in low income groups or those who are starting their own businesses, to help them handle their basic necessities. Initially available in different types of credit, this is a combined credit service, which is available only in certain parts of the UK. In order to claim Universal credit, you will have to sign a claimant commitment which basically means that you agree to perform certain tasks. This money will be paid directly, on a monthly basis, to your bank or building society account for your use.

For more details about Universal Credit, visit

Contacting Universal Credit Customer Service
Claimants of Universal Credit can claim the same online, through the support system available at the url mentioned above. However, if you have any queries or complaints or problems, you can contact Universal Credit customer service at 0345 600 0723.

Welsh customers can call 0800 012 1888 to make their claims or dial 0345 600 3018 to report any changes.

Those with hearing difficulties can use the textphone service by calling 0345 600 0743.

For any appealing against decision regarding Universal credit, you will have to contact the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

Tips to call Universal Credit Customer Service Desk
When calling Universal Credit customer service desk, you should know that all calls to numbers starting from 03 are charged at about 9p per minute from a landline while those made from a mobile device are charged anywhere from 8to 40p per minute.

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