Ulster Bank Contact Numbers UK
Ulster Bank Contact Numbers UK
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Ulster Bank Customer Care Phone Number

Ulster Bank is one of the largest commercial and traditional bank among the big four Irish banks.  In this post, you will find the most appropriate and pertinent numbers to contact the Ulster Bank customer services. You can also find the direct Ulster Bank contact numbers and company’s local address for the related customer service requirements.

This bank is divided into two separate legal entities like Ulster Bank Limited in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

For more information regarding the Ulster Bank and its contact information, you can visit Official Contact Us Page.

Ulster Bank Contact Number List

Ulster Bank HelplineUK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 08000466486
Retail Banking 03453667001
Corporate Banking 03453665592
Complaints 03457424365

Ulster Bank is both a retail and a commercial bank that focuses on serving the needs of 1.1 million customers in the Republic of Ireland. This bank leverages the capabilities, scale, and the investment capacity of RBI to deliver the best service proposition to its customers in the Ireland. They also make investments in brand, technology to ensure that the Ulster Bank stands in the forefront of Irish banking in such a competitive and a changing market.

Apart from providing the best banking service, this bank provides exceptional customer service to resolve all the queries of their clients. Customer service representatives of the Ulster Bank are highly responsive and are dedicated to answer all the queries of their clients.

Regardless of all your queries and issues, you can always get in touch with their customer care agents through various phone numbers and several social media platforms.

Ways to Contact Ulster Bank Customer Services

If you face any issues regarding credit card, insurances, or any other services provided by the Ulster Bank, you can contact their customer services through various communication channels. There are various communication channels provided by the Ulster Bank to get in touch with their customer service representatives.

Following are the ways by which you can get in contact with the Ulster Bank customer services:

  1. Contact the Ulster Bank customer service numbers via landline or mobile device.
  2. Follow Ulster Bank on their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Send them a handwritten letter on their postal address
  4. Write an email to their mail address and join their mailing list.
  5. Visit the Ulster Bank’s Contact Us Page.
  6. Use Ulster Bank Live Chat option.

Ulster Bank Contact Numbers UK

To see what other choices options are available to contact the Ulster Bank customer services, you can also visit the main site.

Ulster Bank Customer Service Address

If you do not want to contact the Ulster Bank customer service via call or email, you can contact them by sending a handwritten letter to their postal address:

Ulster Bank
11-16 Donegall Square E, Belfast BT1 5UB, UK
This communication medium is quite slow and it may a lot of days to get te response from the Ulster Bank’s executives. In case, if you have a question that requires a faster response, you can contact the Ulster Bank’s representative via email or call.

Tips for writing the letter:

While writing the letter, try to give as much information as possible about your query but do not give the personal information.

Be highly-detailed and follow a precise manner.

Also, mention the query, what issues you are facing, while how do you want us to resolve your queries. Use these details in your letter to get a helpful response:

  1. Personal details.
  2. Contact Information.
  3. Account details, card information, and all other important details regarding your query.

Remember to mention the contact information with proper details so that Ulster Bank customer service agents can contact you back with ease.

Ulster Bank Services Enquiry

Ulster Bank helpline Numbers UK
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/UlsterBank/photos/

Every Ulster Bank customer is valuable and is always welcomed to call their local telephone and helpline numbers. You can use these numbers and get in touch with their agents regarding any queries like account issues, credit card issues, mortgage issues, and other services provided by the Ulster Bank. This is the main Ulster Bank customer service number, 08000466486 with which you will receive assistance from expert customer services on whatever queries you might have!

Your call will be received by Ulster Bank, customer care agent who will forward your calls to the respective departments like accounts, credit cards, insurances, and mortgages. You can also discuss issues like the new bank account, internet banking, credit cards with their customer care executives for more details.


Calls made to the (08) Ulster Bank UK contact numbers are free of cost from all mobile phones and landline devices. Calls made to the (02) and (03) Ulster Bank UK numbers are charged at 7 pence per minute, with the addition to the charges applied by the local tariffs.

In case, if you are calling from outside the United Kingdom, international call rates will be applied as assigned by your telephone service provider.

We recommend you to consult your service provider before making the call.

Recommended Tip:

Keep the following details near you while placing the call to avoid any difficulties while getting your issue resolved:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Account Details
  3. Insurance, Loan, and Mortgage numbers, and all other details regarding your query.

Operating Hours of Ulster Bank Contact Numbers

Ulster Bank provides superlative customer services for their clients to get their issues resolved. You can use this Ulster Bank customer service number, 08000466486, to get your queries resolved regarding the services by Ulster Bank.

The opening and closing hours of Ulster Bank are:

  1. 8 am-5:30 pm, from Monday to Friday.
  2. On Saturdays, the customer care lines from 9 am-5:30 pm.
  3. The lines remain closed on Sundays, bank holidays, and public holidays.

You can call them during their working hours and get your queries resolved during the working hours.

Ulster Bank Services

Ulster Bank provides a large number of banking services with which you can get your new account, get an insurance, mortgage, and make your banking experience more customized.

If you have more queries regarding their services, you can use this Ulster Bank customer service numbers, 08000466486.

Retail Banking

Ulster Bank contact numbers UK

With this service, they offer various small businesses and individuals with the direct, private, and branch banking.

If you choose private banking, you will receive all the day to day banking services provided by the Ulster Bank.

For more details on the retail banking services of the Ulster Bank, you can dial this number, 0345366701.

Corporate Banking

Ulster Bank numbers UK

This service is for providing a valuable advice on management of the money and also help the corporate firms with money and other financial services.

If you think that your company also requires this services, you can contact this Ulster Bank customer care phone number, 03453665592.

Ulster Bank Insurances

Ulster Bank customer service phone numbers UK

Ulster Bank offers two types of insurances to their customers such as home insurance, car insurance, and travel insurance. You can use this Ulster Bank customer care phone numbers, 08000511399 and 08000851714 to get in touch with the agents of the insurance team.

You can also visit the Ulster Bank insurance page on the official website for more information regarding the insurance and its claims.

Ulster Bank Credit Cards

Ulster Bank customer care numbers UK

The process of getting Ulster Bank Credit Card is extremely simple, and you will just receive your credit card in a week or around 15 days

For more information regarding the Ulster Bank credit cards, you can visit the credit card page on the official website.

Also, you can Ulster Bank contact number, 08000466486 and 03453004642, to get in touch with their credit card representatives team.

New Account

Ulster Bank phone numbers UK

There are various kinds of bank accounts that are provided by the Ulster bank account to cater all the needs of their customers.

If you own a small business you can go for private banking.  If you own a large business, you can go for Corporate banking. Also, there are various accounts like standard and foundation account, which are for all your needs.

Complaints and General Enquiries

Ulster Bank customer care representatives strive to provide excellent customer services to their clients. Let them know if you want to raise a complaint or give feedback to the services provided by them!

Use this Ulster Bank contact number, 03457424365 to address your issue or feedback.

In case if you don’t want to call, you can also send a letter or visit their office in London:

Ulster Bank
11-16 Donegall Square E, Belfast,
BT1 5UB, United Kingdom

 Contact Ulster Bank via Social Media

Ulster Bank customer service numbers
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/UlsterBank/

 You can also use various social media channels to get in touch with the Ulster Bank customer service agents:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. Google+

Ulster bank social media channels will keep you updated with offers, services, recent interest rates, and insurance services. You can also post and message your grievances on their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ channel. Moreover, they offer a great source of entertainment by uploading various photos, videos, and forums.

Ulster Bank- Your Business Matters

Are Ulster Bank Service providers exhausting you?

Share with us the experience of the Ulster Bank dealer’s customer service like waiting times, courtesy, professionalism. You can also share the valuable tips for other customers too!


Ulster Bank FAQs

Most Popular FAQs

  • How Do I Report A Stolen, Lost Or Damaged Card And Order A Replacement?

To report a damaged or lost credit/ debit card, you need to follow the steps gives below:

  1. Visit ulsterbankanytimebanking.co.uk to log in to Anytime Internet Banking.
  2. Select ‘Cards’ from the left side menu.
  3. In “Manage your credit card” or “Manage your debit card” section, select ‘Order a replacement for a damaged card’ or ‘Report your card lost and order a replacement.’
  4. Fill in the form with appropriate details.
  5. Select ‘Confirm’ to submit the request.

Note: if you think someone else is using your card, call on 0370 600 0459 so that the bank can cancel the card and issue you with a new PIN.

  • What Is The Bank’s Foreign Currency Bank Rate?

The foreign currency exchange rates are available on the bank’s website.

For currencies other than Euro and US dollars, you need to place the order up to 5 days before you need to collect it.

  • What Are BIC And IBAN And Where Can I Find Them?

BIC is the Bank Identifier Code and it is the same for all accounts. The Ulster’s BIC code is ULSBGB2B.

You can find the International Banking Account Number (IBAN) on your Anytime Internet Banking and mobile banking as well as your account statement.

When you log in to your Anytime Internet Banking, select the account you wish to view and then select ‘View account details’ below your mini statement. On your paper statement, IBAN is mentioned on the bottom right-hand corner of the first page.

  • Where Can I Find My Sort Code And Account Number?

You can get your account number and your sort code by logging in to your Anytime Internet Banking. When you log in, your account number and sort code are mentioned on the ‘Account summary’ under ‘Personal accounts.’ You can also find them in your paying-in book, cheque book and your bank statement. If you have the bank’s app, you can see these numbers by logging in to the account. Also, you can find you sort code on your debit card too.

Personal Loans FAQs

  • Can I Apply For An Ulster Bank Personal Loan?

You can apply for a loan if:

  • You are a permanent resident of UK
  • You are of minimum 18 years of age
  • You are an existing Ulster Bank current account customer for at least six months

Note: If you have been declared bankrupt, received a CCJ or Court Decree, the bank won’t help you.

  • How Much Can I Borrow?

You can get a loan between £1,000 and £35,000.

  • What Can I Borrow The Amount For?

You can get a loan for a range of purposes such as a new car, home improvements or your annual holiday. If you are planning to use the amount for more than one purpose, you need to choose the purpose that will take up more than 50% of the funds.

  • Over What Term Can I Take A Loan?

If you are taking loan between £1,000 and £7,499, it can be repaid over a term of 1 to 5 years. The loans between £7,500 and £35,000 can be paid back over a term of 1 to 8 years.

The home improvements loans over £7,500 can be paid back over a term of 1 to 10 years and holiday loans can only be taken over one year.

Also, the minimum borrowing term is 1 year.

  • When Will I Receive The Funds?

If you are registered for the bank’s online banking service, you may receive an instant decision on your loan application. If so, you will receive your funds the next working day.

If you are not registered for online banking, you will receive an application pack within 3-7 days of completing the online application. Once you’ve completed and returned this pack to us, you will receive your funds within 48 hours.

  • Why My Request Got Refused When I Have Other Borrowings With The Bank?

The bank’s assessment takes any current information about you into account, and it may be possible that the information is inappropriate to offer you additional credit.

  • Can I Appeal Against Bank’s Decision?

Yes, you can, but there is no assurance that the bank’s original decision will be overturned. You can support your appeal by providing any additional information that was not taken into consideration at the time of original decision. You can get the full details of appeals procedure from the bank’s local branch.

  • What Should I Do To Improve My Credit Score?

You will have a good credit score if you have a good credit history, pay bills on time, don’t miss payments and don’t apply for credit regularly. Also, it can be improved if:

  • you are in the same job for a long time
  • you own a house
  • you are on the electoral roll
  • you lived at the same address for at least a year

Mortgage FAQs

  • What Is A Mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan secured against a property. This means that you borrow the funds to buy your house and you repay this amount over an agreed period, depending on what you can manage to pay for. Make sure to choose a repayment schedule that suits your circumstances as your house may be repossessed if you don’t keep up repayments on your mortgage.

  • Can I Apply For A Mortgage If I Am Unemployed?

No, you cannot. You need to be self-employed or employed for a mortgage. This will ensure that you can manage your repayments in the future.

  • How Do I Know If I’m Earning Enough For A Mortgage?

The bank can help you find out if you can afford the mortgage by looking at your expenditure and other financial commitments such as overdrafts, loans, credit and store cards, maintenance payments and hire purchase agreements. You can get in touch with the bank’s mortgage advisor or visit the website to calculate how much you could borrow.

  • Can I Get The Mortgage Offer Before I Find The Property?

The principle letter tells whether the bank could lend you the amount you want to borrow.

Call the bank or visit the nearest branch and they will let you know within 10 minutes if they could lend you the amount. You need to give your personal information to the bank.

  • What Are The Other Costs In Taking Out A Mortgage?

You need to budget for a valuation fee, land registry fees and legal costs, search fees, plus stamp duty on properties over £125,000. You are expected to take out buildings insurance to cover damage or rebuilding costs. Also, you may decide to take out contents insurance along with unemployment cover and sickness and life cover.

  • How Can I Know If My Property Is Worth The Money?

The bank always completes a valuation of the property which will consider the general condition of the property, any major faults in any accessible parts of the building, or any urgent problems that need inspecting. After this, the bank issues you with a written mortgage offer.

  • Do I Need To Take Out A Life Cover With A Mortgage?

The lender needs the assurance that you’ll pay the mortgage back, even if you lose your job, become ill or die.  Because of this reason you are requested to buy life cover when you take out a mortgage. You are not bound to buy it from this bank, but they can give you a quotation when you call in for an appointment.

  • Can The Product Fee Be Added To My Mortgage?

Yes, product fee can be added to your mortgage. However, the bank has a range of mortgages with no product fees.

  • How Do I Know If My Mortgage Application Has Been Successful?

After the bank receives your required documentation and is happy with your valuation report, they will decide on your report.

If your application gets approved, the bank will send you the mortgage offer documents to read through and sign. The bank will also send a copy to your solicitor.

  • What Will Happen After My Mortgage Gets Approved?

After your mortgage gets approved, your solicitor will carry out several legal checks. If there are no concerns, they will contact the bank to confirm the start date of the mortgage and when will they need the funds. The bank will send the fund, and the solicitor will complete the transaction.

Once it gets approved, the bank will confirm how much your monthly payment will be and on what day of the month they need to be paid.

  • How Can I Arrange An Appointment With A Mortgage Advisor?

You can contact the bank’s mortgage advisor if you have any questions about the mortgage. You can book an appointment with the nearest branch of the bank, or you can call the bank. You can also contact the bank’s mortgage team by web chat.




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