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Thames Water Customer Service – Overview
Water is undoubtedly the most essential commodity today and with Thames Water, you never have to face the lack of it. Established way back in the 1600s with the creation of the New River, this company has ever since taken the responsibility of providing clean and pure drinking water to its residents. You can contact the Thames Water customer service at PO BOX 286 Swindon, SN38 2RA.

About Thames Water Services
Thames Water offers water services to both households as well as businesses. Paying your water bills, getting your water meters checked, repair and management of leaky pipeline in your neighbourhood are some of the services offered by Thames Water. They also offer services in regulating correct water pressure and ensuring that the drainage system is working properly. They help you in saving water and energy by offering different solutions for both. They have tied up with different companies to ensure that these solutions are easily accessible to the customers.

For more details about Thames Water and their varied services, visit

Contacting Thames Water Customer Service
Thames Water customer service is a dedicated service available to its customers from 8AM to 5PM only on weekdays. You can call 0800 980 8800, which is a toll-free number, if you are calling from any landline in the UK. However, if you are calling this number from a mobile device, call charges will be applicable. This number handles all queries regarding your bills and other account details. You may also access this number for general queries, in case you do not find the solution on their website.

For water supply and waste water related queries, you can call 0800 316 9800, which is available 24×7.

Alternatively, you can email your complaints and queries to [email protected]

For more details regarding the various Thames Water customer service options available, you can check

Tips to call Thames Water Customer Service Desk
When calling Thames Water customer service desk, it is important to remember that the 0800 numbers are accessible only if you are in the UK. For calls being made from outside the UK, make sure to dial +44 1793 366 011.

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