T-Mobile UK Telephone Numbers
T-Mobile UK Telephone Numbers
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T-Mobile Telephone Numbers

T-Mobile International was a German holding company for the Deutsche Telekom AG’s mobile communication.  Here, you can find the company’s contact numbers for contacting the T-Mobile customer care services. You can call on the T-Mobile Numbers like 0844 306 9101.

For more about the T-mobile, you can visit T-Mobile Official Contact Us Page.

T-Mobile Contact Number List

T-Mobile HelplineUK Contact Numbers
Customer Services 08009565000
T-Mobile Shop 08009565000
Press 08009563089
Bill Enquiry 08009565042

T-Mobile is a national provider of messaging, wireless voice, and data services that are capable of reaching over 308 million Americans. This company is redefining the way business, and consumers buy wireless services through leading services and products innovation.

The company also delivers advanced nationwide 4G LTE network to its 67.4 million customers nationwide.

Established in 1990, T-Mobile provides its services through its subsidiaries and also operates its other brands like Metro PCS and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customer care service is quite responsive and dedicated to answering every query related to Mobile coverage, plans, services. Regardless of your issues and queries, you can get in touch with the world’s leading telecom company through various T-Mobile phone numbers and several social media platforms.

Below mentioned are the ways by which you can get in touch with the T-Mobile UK customer services:

  1. Contact T-Mobile UK representatives via landline or wireless device.
  2. Send a handwritten letter to their head office.
  3. Write an email and join their mailing list.
  4. Follow T-Mobile on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+
  5. Visit the T-Mobile Contact Us Page.


To see what other options are available to contact the T-Mobile customer services, you can also visit the main site.

T-Mobile Customer Service Address

To contact T-Mobile about any general issues or queries, you also have the option to send a handwritten letter to their official postal address:

93 Fleet St, London EC4Y 1DH, UK

Our Recommended Tip:

While writing the letter, try to give as much information as possible about your query issue. Your inquiry is important and if you want to get a helpful response, you will have to write your query in a very precise manner.

We recommend you to include all the important information like your name, connection details, but not the personal information that can be easily compromised.

Some of us like to call the T-Mobile UK customer service number while some people prefer to send a traditional handwritten letter. Regardless of what contact medium you choose, just remember to be highly detailed while explaining your query.

T-Mobile Contact Numbers

T-Mobile customer care numbers

Every customer is valuable to T-Mobile and you are always welcomed to call their local T-Mobile Helpline numbers. You can call the T-Mobile customer services number UK and get in touch with their agents regarding any query. Your calls will then get forwarded to the respective departments like Mobile coverage, top-ups, plans, services and much more.

You can also discuss your new connection, cancellation and plans issues along with providing a feedback on the services provided by T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Customer Care Services offer many incredible options such as:

  1. T-Mobile Plans and Services.
  2.  Coverage
  3.  Top-up
  4. Mobile Shop.
  5. Payments and Billing.
  6. T-Mobile Press.
  7. Return Policy.

The main T-mobile customer service UK number is 08009565000. By using this number, you can get in contact with their customer care representatives immediately. When addressing your queries, make sure that you have all the relevant information near you, so that your issues get resolved in no time.


Calls made to the (08) T-Mobile numbers are free of cost and Calls made to (02) or (03) T-Mobile helpline numbers are charged up to 13p per minute from the landline and up to 55p per minute from mobile phones.

In case, if you’re calling from outside the United Kingdom then you have to pay the additional charges applied as per the international call rates assigned by your service provider. We recommend you to consult your telephone service provider before making the call.

T-Mobile Services Enquiry

T-Mobile customer services


For more information about the services provided by the T-Mobile, you can use this T-Mobile UK customer service number, 08009535836.

The T-Mobile UK customer services are available seven days a week, from 8:00 am-10:00 pm. It is best to avoid calling during the starting and the ending hours. You can call during this operation hours and get in touch with their agents regarding any query.

Your call will be received by the T-Mobile customer care representative with whom you can discuss your plans, services or other inquiries. You can also get your plans changes, upgrade your services by calling the T-Mobile helpline number. Feedback is always appreciated by the agents.

The T-Mobile Services

The T-Mobile offers a wide range of telecommunication services where you can choose your services, top-ups, and get unlimited plans for your mobile device. To get a new T-Mobile connection or to know more about the services provided by T-Mobile, dial this T-Mobile customer service number, 0800956500.

T-Mobile Plans & Services

T-Mobile Customer Care Services UK

T-Mobile offers a wide range of plans and services for their customers across the nation. If you want to apply for their plans or services or if you want to get more information about their services, you can use this number, 02086052794.

If you require more details about the plans and services provided by the T-Mobile, you can visit their Frequently Asked Question section on their contact us page. Just call on the official T-Mobile Numbers.

T-Mobile Top Up

T-Mobile UK contact numbers

If you have any queries or issues related to T-Mobile top up, you can get in touch with the T-Mobile customer care representatives by using these T-Mobile Numbers, 08009565042.

You can also go through the various T-Mobile prepaid plans by on the T-Mobile official website.

T-Mobile Coverage

T-Mobile Helpline Numbers UK


If you have any query or basic inquiry related to the area covered by the T-Mobile network, then you can use this T-Mobile Numbers, 01707315000.

T-mobile offers the advanced 4G LTE network across America and also, it has a good coverage network that extends to different parts of the United Kingdom including the rural areas.

You can also use the “check coverage” option available on their website for checking the network coverage in your area. When contacting them, keep all the important information like area name, zip code and what type of coverage issue you are facing.

You can also use the T-Mobile Numbers like 08009565000 for other queries related to the coverage.

T-Mobile Return Policy

T-Mobile Helpline Numbers UK

If you want to return the T-Mobile device, you will have to fill the return policy form on the T-Mobile official website.

Choose your device like from the store or online. After choosing the option, you will be guided through the return policy procedure on their website.

If you are unable to return the device or if you are facing any difficulty in the returning procedure, you can use this T-Mobile customer service number, 08000790423. When contacting the T-mobile for returning the products, make sure that you have all the correct details about your product.

T-Mobile Press

T-Mobile Helpline UK Numbers

For all the queries related to T-Mobile press, you can get in touch with one of the T-Mobile customer care representatives by using this T-Mobile Numbers 08009563089.

You can also visit the T-Mobile newsroom page for more information. 

T-Mobile Bills and Payments

T-Mobile customer services UK

For T-Mobile billing and payments, you can create an account and use the following facilities:

  1. Check the usage.
  2. View or Pay the bill.
  3. Change the plans.
  4. Talk to the customer service representative.

For paying the bill, you can sign in, check the usage and pay the bill.

If you have any queries related to the bill, get in touch with the T-Mobile customer care representatives by using this number, 08009565042. Also, you can get further details by visiting the T-Mobile billing page on their official website.

Complaints and General Enquiries

All customers matter to the T-Mobile. The T-Mobile customer care representatives want to know that if you are happy or unhappy with your services. If you are satisfied or not satisfied with the services provided by the T-Mobile customer care services, use this number, 0800956500 to let them know!

In case if you don’t want to give them a call, you can also visit their customer relations office at Albuquerque and get your issue escalated.

T-Mobile Customer Relations

PO Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

 Contact T-Mobile via Social Media

T-Mobile customer care services
Photo from https://twitter.com/TMobile?

You can also get in touch with T-Mobile via their various social media accounts:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Instagram
  5. LinkedIn

Every T-Mobile social media channel offer you great entertainment through videos, photos, and forums. You can visit their Instagram handle for more information. Also, you can post your queries and complaints on their Facebook handle.

You can also stay updated on the new services and offers provided by the company by following them on their social media channels.

T-Mobile FAQs


  • How to fix device problems in T-Mobiles?

If you need help with any of the devices, they have got your covered;

Apple iPhone and iPad Help

  • If you want to know how to do a specific thing, like sending a message or making a call, check out the resources below;
  • You can learn how to do most basic things by clicking Devices and choosing your device.
  • If you need help switching to a new device, check out this link – how to set up a new mobile device.
  • If you don’t understand steps there, we recommend you to check out your device’s manual on Apple’s website.

Get help with your device if not working properly

  • If your device is not working rightly, you would want to check out Apple’s Support These are some of the best ways to get help;
  • Visit the official Apple support link and look for your issues using simple terms, like “CAN’T MAKE A CALL” or “NO SIGNAL.”

You can also go to the support page for an Apple device using the links below;

If you need more assistance, then contact T-Mobile device support or reach out to Apple directly to get help with your device.

  • My Mobile Battery draining fast, what should I Do?

What’s draining your battery? Just because you have not used that app in a while doesn’t mean that it will not eat up all your battery. We advise you to follow these quick tips;

  • Reduce screen and data use
  • Change your battery regularly and completely
  • Close apps and features when you are not using them or go to;
  • Adjust device settings
  • Charger your device properly
  • Update the device software
  • Check battery usage

Here is how you can adjust device settings – visit the Devices page, select your device and find the steps;

  • Display
  • Turn down the screen brightness, which is typically the number one battery drainer.
  • Tap the power key to turn off the display when you are done using it.


  • Uninstall the apps you are not using. Apps and widgets that work in the background consume a considerable amount of battery, even when you don’t have them open.
  • Turn off automatic syncing to your email or social media feeds.
  • Change the app store settings on your device to reduce how often apps update.


  • Put off WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS location services and Mobile Hotspot whenever you are not using them. When turned on, they look for connections and drain the battery.
  • Turn off background data.
  • Use WIFI when available, because WIFI uses less battery than an LTE connection.


  • Alerts and Notifications are useful, but can also be a massive battery drainer. Every time your device vibrates lights up or makes a sound it consumes the battery.
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications.
  • Turn on power saver mode, if your device has this feature.


  • If you want the best results, connect the charger to a wall outlet, rather than a computer.
  • Use the charging wire that comes with the device, or use one of from the device manufacturer. Some third-party charger may not go well with your device.
  • Charge the device until the battery is full.
  • For better results leave it plugged in at home or work
  • Check the charging port and make sure there is no dust, debris or lint in the charging port.
  • Do away with your device case if it has a lip near the charging dock, to be sure the cable fully fits in the plug.


Check your battery usage in your device settings to see what features, services or apps you can adjust enhance the battery’s life. If you need help, visit the T-Mobile’s Devices page, choose your device and find the steps on the battery page.


Always keep your device software update.

  • How do I sign up for AutoPay?

If you want to sign up for an AutoPay just log into your account on My T-Mobile and choose the AutoPay section under your bill’s due date. From there, you will be prompted to enter your billing information to set up AutoPay to enrol in recurring payments.

  • What would be the price of 4 or more than four voice lines?

For T-Mobile ONE – lines are just an additional $20 each (with AutoPay), and for more than four lines, there will be an extra $30 each (with AutoPay).

  • Am I eligible to get more than 12 lines on the same account?

T-Mobile offers the best solutions depending on what you need ‘voice or mobile internet lines.’

Just visit your local T-Mobile branch or call them at 1-800-T-Mobile and they will get you set up.

  • Do all lines on my account have to be on the taxes and fees inclusive plan?

Yes. When you sign up for T-Mobile ONE taxes and fees inclusive, they will migrate all of your lines.

  • Voice lines will move to T-Mobile ONE taxes and fees will be included.
  • Current MINT lines will be transferred to the T-Mobile ONE taxes and fees included MINT plan (regardless of your current rate plan).
  • Existing wearable lines will be migrated from the Simple Choice with a 500MB plan to the T-Mobile ONE taxes and fees included Wearable with endless data at 512kbps.
  • Existing LineLink, SyncUp Drive, or Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan being used on a Hotspot device will become taxes and fees inclusive. The price on your LineLink and Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan will increase by $5 if Autopay is not enabled in your account.

Note; you are not automatically enrolled as they think everyone will want to switch, but at T-Mobile customers always have the choice. To get your taxes and fees included, enrol through your MyT-Mobile.com account, visit a store or call 1-877-453-1304.

  • How will I get Netflix at no additional charge and how does it work?

It’s easy if you are an existing customer; just see the steps below;

  • Visit my T-Mobile.com, your local retail store or call customer care to activate.
  • If you are a new customer simply visit a T-Mobile store, got to T-Mobile.com or call 1-800-TMobile.
  • They cover the cost of one Netflix Standard subscription per T-mobile ONE family account. You will be offered a URL to link your T-Mobile account with your Netflix account.
  • For existing Netflix Customers it might take 1-2 Netflix Billing Cycles for your billing to transfer to T-Mobile.

Note; T-Mobile pays Netflix directly for you.

  • Can existing Simple Choice customers still update their plans and add lines?

Yes. Current Simple Choice customers can keep the plans as long as they want, and most can add new lines under the rules of your existing plan.

  • Simple Choice single line customers cannot add lines, but they can change their data amounts.
  • Simple Choice multi-line customers can add lines and change their data amounts.
  • Simple Choice Family Match customers can add lines at the same or higher data level.


  • What happens if you do raise the price of my T-Mobile ONE service?

The Un-contract is their commitment that only you can change what you pay and they mean it! To show just how serious they are – they have committed to spend your final month’s recurring service charges if they were to raise prices and you choose to leave. Just let them know within 60 days.

  • Hasn’t the Un-contract been around, what’s new?

Yes, the Un-contract was introduced for Simple Choice and is now extending to include T-Mobile ONE.

There’s nothing extra to sign up for; it’s just T-Mobile’s promise to you that they won’t jack up your price for unlimited 4G LTE on your Smartphone or tablet for as long as you’re a customer in good standing with T-Mobile ONE.

  • What features are included with T-Mobile One Plus?

You can initiate HD Video, up to 20GB of 4G LTE Hotspot data, and twice the speeds in 210+ countries and destinations on any new or existing T-Mobile ONE line for just $15 more per month. Simply visit myT-Mobile.com or the T-Mobile app. Add ONE PLUS and get:

  • Name ID: Screen calls and block numbers
  • Unlimited HD video streaming (the US only)
  • Voicemail to Text: Voicemails transcribed into text or email
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot with up to 20GB of high-speed data
  • 2X faster international data speeds: 256kbps speeds in 210+ countries and destinations
  • Unlimited Gogo: Wi-Fi for the full flight, whenever available, on any Gogo-equipped flights to, from, or within the U.S.


  • Are tablets eligible for T-Mobile ONE Plus?

Tablets can adjoin the service to get the benefits of unlimited 4G LTE tethering, 2x Simple Global data speeds and unlimited HD Video but will not take delivery of SIT, Name ID, Unlimited Gogo Wi-Fi, or Voicemail to Text.


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