T-Mobile UK Telephone Numbers
T-Mobile UK Telephone Numbers
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Welcome to phonenumbercustomerservice direct call conection service. phonenumbercustomerservice is not associated in any way with any company listed on this website. Calls cost 7p per minute from a BT landline other networks may vary (Calls from mobiles will cost more). Our call costs vary so please be sure to check the price stated next to the phone number provided. Bill payers must be 18 years and over and have the bill payers permission before making the call.

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T Mobile Customer Service – Overview
T Mobile, a joint German and French owned mobile broadband and mobile network operator, gives you the best network solutions for your needs in the UK. Launched in the year 1993 as Mercury one2one, it became T Mobile in 2002. You can contact the T Mobile customer service at PO Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380.

About the T Mobile Services
T Mobile offers pay monthly contract and pay as you go plans to suit all your needs. The pay monthly contract consists of a unique feature called “flexible boosters”, which allows you to change the usage limit month to month as per requirement.

Visit www.t-mobile.co.uk to know more about the company and its services.

Contacting T Mobile Customer Service
T Mobile customer service operates from 3AM to 10PM (everyday). Customer account help (automated) remains open round the clock. Regarding any technical issue, you’ll have to call from a different phone to notify the actual mode of the problem.

You can send your query to T Mobile customer service via email at [email protected] You can also reach them by ringing 150 from your phone for mobile and home broadband and pay monthly contract queries. You’ll have to pay 25p per call for pay as you go plan (at any time). Calls after 8PM (till 10PM) on weekdays and 6PM (till 8PM) on weekends are chargeable at 50p per call. You can also contact T Mobile customer service desk by dialling 0845 412 5000 for SIM only, pay monthly, pay as you go and mobile broadband requirements.

For home broadband queries, you should call 0845 412 5000 (Please check with your service provider regarding the call rates before calling). Dial 0845 412 5000 (free at any time) for your pay as you go, pay monthly and SIM only queries if you are calling from an EE landline. Also, dial 0845 412 2993 (chargeable at 15p per call + up to 7p per minute depending upon the calling time).

You can get more details at http://ee.co.uk/help/get-in-touch

Tip to call T Mobile Customer Service Desk
While contacting T Mobile customer service desk, make sure to dial the right number depending on the nature of your query/problem/complaint. For example, you can call 150 from your T-Mobile phone or 0845 412 5000 (if you have a non T-Mobile phone) to make a complaint. In case you want to report a lost or stolen phone, the number to dial is 0845 412 5000. Therefore, it’s important to keep the different T Mobile customer service numbers handy.

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  1. christopher Robinson

    I have a major concern/complaint or an issue I would like to bring to your attention. I am hoping this is an isolated issue and not something you at T-mobile are supporting or pushing. This in my opinion goes along side of Identity theft and or bordering some sort of security violation of collecting others Identity for illegal purposes on T-mobiles behalf.
    I went to make a simple transaction, at the T-mobile located, 3513 Dillion Dr, Space F-6A, Pueblo, CO 81008, which was to purchase the new Cellular phone, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, right out, no finance, no new contract agreement, no installment payments , no other transactions. I simply wanted to buy the phone right out, in full.

    From that location as I went to purchase the phone the sales representative asked for my ID and cell phone number which I gave since I’m already a T-mobile customer for over 15 years now. Then the sales representative said he must make a copy of my ID card and to my curiosity I asked why must you make a copy of my ID card and he stated that’s there policy. I still was not understanding WHY WOULD YOU WANT A COPY OF MY ID IF I’M PAYING FOR THE PHONE IN FULL? (to get out of one broke phone and into a new phone) One of my other questions among many were, WHY WOULD I LET OR ALLOW YOU TO COPY MY ID JUST TO PURCHASE A PHONE? He had the same reply. I asked for the manager and she stated not only was it their policy but it was for Tax and T-mobile Auditing purposes. I stated, there were other ways to prove a sale other than getting a photo from every person that made a transaction in this store. I was told that’s the only way I would be able to do business with them so I walked out without purchasing a phone from them. When I left there store I went to another T-mobile store located at 4104 Outlook Blvd, Suite D-139, Pueblo, CO 81008. I actually explained to them what occurred from the other store and they allowed me to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S9 plus , paid in full as I intended…without having my identification card copied.

    You have a number of policies T-mobile but I am hoping it is not obtaining a copy of every customers ID card for whatever purpose, when you already run credit checks and other verification on a customer in order for them to become a member of your team.

    With a world wide spread if Identity theft why would you allow your stores to do this?

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