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Sony Customer Service – Overview
The world of electronics and entertainment today is synonymous with the word ‘Sony’, which is the leading provider of all kinds of electronics and entertainment devices, including televisions, cameras, play stations, computers and a lot more. You can contact the Sony customer service at 0207 365 2810.

About Sony Services
Being a leader in electronics and entertainment, Sony provides a wide range of products and services for its customers to choose from. These include different types of televisions, video and digital cameras, tablets and mobile devices, computers, play stations, audio systems as well as home theatre systems. In addition, they also offer a variety of entertainment options in the form of Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and PlayStation network.

For more details regarding Sony and its products and services, visit

Contacting Sony Customer Service
Sony customer service offers extensive product support and repair services to its customers. The support desk operates from 9AM to 6PM from Monday to Friday. You can call 0207 365 2810 for all your product support and repair needs. You can also email them by using the option link that is available at

For sales related queries, you should call 020 7365 2413, which is available from 9AM to 7PM from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you could email them at [email protected]

Sony also has an online help resource system, which you can access regarding your basic queries. Visit and choose your product along with its model number and you will find details regarding all issues concerning that particular model. In case you do not find any satisfactory solution to your problem, you can always contact the Sony customer service desk by using the call details as mentioned above.

Tips to call Sony Customer Service Desk
The Sony customer service desk operates for limited hours, which means you should ideally make your calls during those business hours. If you choose to contact through email, make sure to give the customer service agents some time to respond to your query. It’s equally important to call the appropriate numbers to get help or assistance. For example, queries related to your recent orders should be directed to 020 7365 2413 while you should dial 0207 365 2810 for repair and support that your Sony electronics product needs.

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