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Netflix Customer Service – Overview
US based Netflix is a provider of on-demand Internet streaming media, which viewers in the Caribbean, South and North America, and some regions of Europe (Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway) can benefit from. Netflix customer service can be reached by dialing 0800 096 6379.

About Netflix Services
Netflix offers Internet video streaming services to customers in the UK. By subscribing to Netflix, you will access to Netflix’s online content library. Though the disklibrary has more movie titles available, only US based customers can use it. Those in the UK can access the streaming library which has more Netflix original content (TV shows and movies). When you consider competing video streaming services available in the market, Netflix is perhaps the most widely supported by and compatible to a range of devices. Thus, you can watch your favorite shows and movies with Netflix, irrespective of whether you are using Wii, PS3, Xbox, Tablet, PC, Mobile, Mac or any other device.

Since its UK launch in 2012 when a major part of Netflix’s offerings consisted of US TV shows and movies, it has come a long way. By adding new content on an ever increasing basis, Netflix now offers an enormous amount of UK films and TV shows along with US content, many of which aren’t aired on the mainstream UK channels.

You can browse to know more about Netflix and its services.

Contacting Netflix Customer Service
To reach Netflix customer service, you should dial 0800 096 6379. Since this number stays open 24×7, you can call at anytime. The average wait time is approximately 6 minutes.

Netflix doesn’t offer any live chat option for its UK customers. Though it launched its services in the UK in 2012, it still doesn’t offer its UK users any avenues to send emails to the Netflix customer service desk.

Tips to call Netflix Customer Service Desk
UK subscribers have a single way of reaching Netflix customer service by dialing the number mentioned above.Since the subscriber base is steadily growing in the UK, this lone line may be hard to get through, given that everyone with a problem or issue will be dialing it.Therefore, be patient and retry if you can’t get through in your first attempt.

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