Microsoft XBOX customer live support
Microsoft XBOX customer live support
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Microsoft Xbox is not just any brand; it is a sensation in the video gaming industry. It represents an assortment of video game consoles, which are solely created and owned by the tech giant Microsoft. Here, you will get appropriate and the most updated details of Microsoft XBOX numbers: company’s local address, XBOX support number, and customer care centers. And, for more information, you are always free to visit the company’s contact us page.

Microsoft XBOX customer live support

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Microsoft Xbox Contact Number List

XBOX Support number 08435 043 337

Microsoft XBOX HelplineUK Contact Numbers
XBOX Support Helpline 0344 800 2400
Toll Free Number 0800 587 1102

Hours: 9 AM to 1AM

About Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox came into existence in the year 2001, November the 15th in the United States of America, with the launch original Xbox console that created buzz across the global. Since then there is no looking back for this brand, as people of all ages, not just the teens have become a gaming enthusiast because of it. However, Microsoft Xbox reached its highest peak of success in 2005, when Xbox 360 was released; it covered over 77.2 million gamers worldwide (as of April 18, 2013).

Microsoft Xbox harbors a panel of highly responsive and dedicated customer support executives, which are there to address the queries of new customers, and the issues of existing clients with uttermost satisfaction, leaving no scope of client discontent. You can get in touch with one of their customer support representatives by placing a calling on their helpline number and through various social media channels.

Ways to Contact Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft XBOX customer live support

Below listed are many ways by which you can contact Microsoft Xbox:

  1. Contact Microsoft Xbox’s customer care number
  2. Inbox on company’s mailing address
  3. You can send a hard copy of the complaint to their central office
  4. Follow their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.
  5. Visit the Microsoft Xbox’s Contact Us page.
  6. For more options available to contact Microsoft Xbox customer care service, go to the main site.

Microsoft Xbox Customer Service Address

You can approach Microsoft XBOX support grievance team directly by sending a handwritten note to their postal address

Microsoft Xbox Head Brand Address:

Microsoft Campus
Thames Valley Park



Our tip for customers: When writing a letter to Microsoft Xbox’s try to include as much information about your query, and a big “no” to personal information that can be comprised easily, and become a victim of identity theft. Be highly detailed and precise about your problem or query. At last, irrespective of the fact whether you write a handwritten letter or give a call on their customer care number, just remember to put in all the necessary details about your inquiry.

Microsoft Xbox Numbers

Microsoft XBOX customer live support

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Microsoft Xbox value all their clients, so you are always welcome to contact XBOX Live support regarding any issue or query. When you make the call to their customer care number; after understanding your issue or question is call is transferred to the related department for better advice and resolves your problem with 100% satisfaction. Plus, you also have a chat about the product, you are interested buying.

The primary XBOX support number is 08435 043 337. You can call this number to have a direct interaction with their customer support executive. It is always better to necessary details or product in front if you are their existing customer.

Note:  Calls made to the above XBOX helpline number will be charged in accordance with your mobile operator (regular rates). And, if you are calling from outside the territory of Britain, you will have to pay the extra service charge per international call rates applied by your mobile service provider. You can also go that extra mile to confirm the call rates to a particular location from your telephone service, provider.

What Microsoft XBOX Has to offer?

Xbox One

Microsoft XBOX customer live support

This 500 GB console is designed and programmed to pamper the spirit of gaming in gamers around the globe. The company has deeply invested its resources in cloud infrastructure and Kinect, so that their creators can never deliver before breathtaking new gaming experiences, and get the Adeline pumping.

This product from Microsoft Xbox also includes an Xbox One wireless controller that will take your gaming experience to another level of excitement and enthusiasm. Impulse triggers, D-pad that provides greater intensity, and responsive thumbsticks are some of the executive features of this controller. Contact XBOX helpline number to know more this product!

Xbox Live

Microsoft XBOX customer live support

Xbox, an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service under the name of Microsoft. It was first available to the Xbox system back in November 2002

It is world’s premier gaming community, which unites gaming enthusiasts over the entire globe across Xbox One and Windows 10, so that you can play and compete with their buddies, and connect with a massive community of gaming aficionados. You can build your gaming legacy by unlocking achievements; share your game scores, epic game clips. Plus, you can be on top of all the action, keep a watch on your best pals is playing, invite them for a game, follow their favorite, have a chat and share your knowledge and news about latest updates in the gaming industry.

Xbox live service comes in two modes one is free, and the other one is paid version, known as Xbox Live Free and Xbox Live Gold, respectively. Many features such as online gaming are reserved for the Gold service. Contact XBOX Live support to know more about it!

Microsoft XBOX Accessories

Microsoft XBOX customer live support

Kinect for Xbox One

With this, you can have greater experience and control; you can command your TV set and Xbox with your Cortana, and make Skype calls in HD, play games, have fun!

The voice command feature of this accessory will help you navigate your console without moving your fingers. Capture game clips and special shots instantaneously, switch between your favorite TV shows with ease, no need to search for the remote to get the TV channel changing job. You are always free to contact Microsoft XBOX numbers to know more about this! 

Key features:

  1. Instantly switch between your games, television, and apps
  2. Make Skype calls in HD and send messages
  3. Control video and music playback
  4. Change the channel and volume of your TVMicrosoft XBOX customer live support

Xbox One Stereo Headset

Buy the Xbox One Stereo Headset to submerge yourself in rich stereo sound for a better listening experience free of distortion and noises. This accessory from Microsoft Xbox allows its users to adjust audio levels without the need of taking your hands off the controller. And, you can also control the balance of game sounds and chat audio to focus on what you want to listen solely. You can also contact XBOX Helpline to know more about Xbox One stereo headset!

Key features:

  1. Premium audio experience
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Includes detachable Stereo Headset Adapter
  4. Over-the-ear speakers for a comfortable fit
  5. Full range audio spectrum for deep bass

Box One Stereo Headset Adapter

Now, plug your favorite compatible headset into this box one stereo headset adapter to hear the action just the way you love. With this, you can effortlessly regulate without moving your right hand. And, can add game audio by connecting directly to your console or TV. Get in touch with XBOX Support to know more about this accessory!

Key Features:

  1. Easily adjust chat audio
  2. Controls include microphone mute, volume up/down, and chat audio

Xbox One Wireless Controller with Play & Charge Kit

Microsoft XBOX customer live support

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Elevate your gaming experience by bringing home this Xbox One wireless controller with play & charge kit. The impulsive trigger feature that delivers fingertip vibration feedback allows gamers to concentrate on the game in hand. Plus, the jolt you feel in your hand after a crash will surely get your Adeline pumping. The Redesigned thumbsticks and the updated D-pad provide greater precision and control. And, you can also keep the action going for long with the Play & Charge Kit; the battery that recharges while you are playing your best game, or even when your console in on standby by mode. Reach out to Microsoft XBOX numbers to know more about this accessory!

Key features:

  1. Immersive
  2. Precised
  3. More comfortable

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

Whose wants the game to end just because your Xbox battery is drained out? To keep the action going you can grab this Xbox one play & charge kit. This accessory from Microsoft Xbox recharges your console while you play, or afterward, even your Xbox is in standby mode. The long-lasting rechargeable battery takes four hours to get fully charge.  With this, you can bid farewell to disposable batteries, and the need to swap them out in the middle of a game. Reach out to XBOX Live Support to know more about this accessory!

Key features:

  1. Always ready
  2. Charges while you play and when the console is in standby mode.
  3. Fully charge in 4 hours
  4. Perfect alternative to AA disposable batteries

Contact Microsoft Xbox via Social Media

You can also reach out to Microsoft Xbox’s XBOX support executives through various social media platforms:

  1. Twitter
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook

You can also post your grievance or query on their social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow them on the above platforms to keep yourself updated with the latest updates and market launched by the company.

You can also see various insights of the Microsoft Xbox products that they post on their channels via several photos, videos, and forums.

How was your experience with the XBOX Live support? Was your issue resolved or query addressed? Don’t feel shy to share your experience in the comment section of the post (things like behavior, waiting time, solving ability, professionalism). Your views and experience will help the other Xbox customers to get most out of XBOX Support number.



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    My Xbox was not working properly from few days. I could directly contact the Microsoft Xbox customer care and my issue got resolved within 24 hours.

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    I am facing battery issues with my Xbox. Which number shall i use? Please suggest.

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