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Metro PCS UK is a leading provider of prepaid unlimited 4G LTE wireless networks. If you are looking for their current plans and phone collections, keep reading this page. Here, you will find the most helpful and direct Metro PCS customer service numbers UK of the company. To get the necessary support for your inquiries, you can visit the company’s local UK address given here. For more information, visit their official website.

Metro PCS customer service phone number

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List of Metro PCS Customer Service Number

Metro PCS Mobile HelplineUK Contact Numbers
Metro PCS Customer Service Toll-Free: 0888 863 8768
Metro PSC Dealer line 0800 373 2876
Wireless Number Portability (WNP) Department 0800 518 7519
Corporate Offices and Businesses 0214 265 2550
Mail-in Rebates 0800 999 6389
General Enquiries 0800 901 6266

About Metro PCS UK

metro pcs customer service number

Unlimited access to 4G Data seems like a dream. Metro PCS made this dream come true for millions of their clients around the world. The company was founded by Mr. Roger D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang in the year 1994. Metro PCS has made the history in the telecommunication and internet industry by providing unbeatable services, deals, and discount offers. Its affordable calling and internet plans are meant to help people get phone and internet access nationwide quickly.

You can contact Metro PCS customer care UK at 0800 373 2876 for general inquiries.

Metro PCS UK is one of the largest mobile networks in the United States. The company has offices all over the world including the UK. The company is run by Thomas C. Keys who is the chief operations officer. Another interesting thing to know about Metro PCS is that it is owned by T-Mobile, which is a major provider of the wireless 4G network via LTE technologies in the USA.

Metro PCS has over 10 million customers around the world and continues to expand its services through the products like unlimited text. You can easily reach Metro PCS customer care by calling at their toll-free numbers or through live agents.

Contact Metro PCS UK

Just like many other companies, customers are extremely valuable for Metro PCS UK. The company’s representatives are very helpful to resolve your problems and handle your inquiries. Anytime you contact Metro PCS, there will be a polite representative to assist you.

There are several ways to reach Metro PCS customer service phone number UK. Calling and live agents are the easiest way to contact them. However, you can choose any of the following ways to contacts the company, as per your convenience and preference:

  1. Call their helpline number.
  2. Chat with live agent
  3. Signing up your Metro PCS account
  4. Handwritten letter to their UK office.
  5. Write a mail to their email address.
  6. Check-in via social media network.
  7. Visit Metro PCS website.

Metro PCS customer care numbers

Metro PCS Customer Service Address

If you think that your issues cannot be resolved on phone or through email, you have the option to write a letter and mail it to the following address:

Metro PCS helpline Wireless, Inc.

4818 Gaston Ave,

Dallas, TX 75248,


Important Note: To get a helpful response, describe your inquiry in detail so that the representative can understand and manipulate it in a better way. If you write a letter to their postal address, make sure that you give all your required information appropriately. Also, mention the complete address of the company as given above.

Regardless of contact choice, be clear and precise with explaining your issue.

Call Metro PCS Customer Care 

The Metro PCS customer care UK is open to the customers all day. If you need instant solutions to your problems and queries, calling their representative is the fastest way. You can call them for issues and queries related to the following:

  • To know about their plans.
  • Get the status of your shipment
  • Know the best deals on phones and internet plans.
  • Help with your Metro PCS account.
  • For Mail-in rebate

You will find only a right advisor by dialing Metro PCS helpline number 0888 863 8768.

Talk to Metro PCS Customer Service Live Person

Metro PCS customer service numbers

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If you are not comfortable with calling and talking to an actual person, then Metro PCS customer service hotline avails you with live agents that can be contacted at every hour of every day of the week. When you dial the hotline number, you are required to follow automated prompts before your call is diverted to a customer service agent.

Customers can also dial 08009016266 from their Metro PCS phone to reach the customer care hotline.

Metro PCS Customer Services UK

Metro PCS Data Plans

People use Metro PCS services mainly for their lucrative data plans. You can choose from their following plans:

  1. Euro 28.09 – 1GB LTE Data
  2. Euro 37.45 -3GB LTE Data
  3. Euro 46.81 – 8GB LTE Data
  4. Euro 56.17 – Unlimited LTE Data

Taxes and plans are included in the cost of these plans. You can connect your phone to your laptop, desktop, or another device and turn it into a web router. Its 4G LTE GSM network allows fast video streaming with a clear resolution without worrying about data.

You can also choose a family plan. You just need to pay Euro 4.68 for every line per month. Up to five family members can merge with one phone plan.

Buy Metro PCS Phones

Metro PCS customer service number

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You can buy Metro PCS phones directly from the company’s main website or from other e-commerce stores selling Smartphone. The company supports GSM network since its acquisition by T-mobile Company in 2013, which introduced a much faster HGSM network than a CDMA network. On their website, you will find an array of Smartphone from top brands like LG, iPhone, Samsung, ZTE, HTC, Alcatel, Nokia, Microsoft, and a few more.

Metro PCS Warranty Policy

Metro PCS offers three warranty options.

Option 1: Free in-store exchange within 30 days.

Suppose you buy a Metro PCS Smartphone from an authorized dealer in your location. If it stops working due to any reason covered by the warranty policy, just walk into the store and show your warranty card. Your phone will be exchanged if the warranty covers the reason.

Option2: Immediate in-store replacement.

Suppose you find a problem in your phone after 30 days, but your phone is still under warranty, Then bring your phone to the Metro PCS corporate store, and you will get an immediate replacement of damaged phone.

Option 3: 3-5 Days Exchange.

If you find a problem after 30 days during the warranty period, visit an authorized Metro PCS dealer or corporate office with your phone. A replacement phone will be ordered for you that may take 3-5 business days.

Shop Accessories at Metro PCS

metro pcs customer service number

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In addition to the handsets, you can buy basic phone and computer accessories at Metro PCS store. They stock a vast collection of Bluetooth, headsets, screen protectors, speakers, cases, keywords, memory cards, hands-free, and chargers. Stay in touch with them for the latest deals.

 Make Payment to Metro PCS

Metro PCS customer service number

You can make payments for your plans, phone and accessories in three ways – online payment, through phone or visiting Metro PCS outdoor store. If you want to pay on the phone, make a call at Metro PCS customer service number at 0800 901 6266 who will guide you throughout the process. Keep your debit and credit card with you while making a call.

Paying online is the easiest and fastest way. Only, sign in to your account and enter your Metro PCS phone number. Select “Yes” to sign in and click next after entering your password. Follow the instructions to make online payment for your purchase.

By signing in, you can access your dashboard, manage auto pay, check order status, view monthly data and call usage, update your profile information and change or edit plans and services.

You can also send a check to their postal address for ease.

Tracking your Order

Track your order by visiting the website of Metro PCS. Enter your email ID that you used for signing up or order ID and zip code. Then click submit, and you will be able to track the accurate status of your shipment. Metro PCS sends three emails for order received, order shipped and package delivered after you make an online purchase from them.

Metro PCS customer service live person or phone agent can also help you track your order.

Locate Your Nearest Metro PCS Store

Metro PCS customer service number

Calling the Metro PCS customer service number will also help you here. You can easily find the nearest store on the “Find A Store” page of their website. Whether you want to browse the location of a corporate store in your town or looking for an iPhone center, just enter your current location in the given search box. All your nearest stores will be displayed in the map on your screen.

Online Rebate Center

Metro PCS offers the best possible deals to their customers with a valid rebate on their purchase. You can easily find, submit and track your rebate by visiting their online rebate center. Customers can even check the balance of your rebate card.

For rebate related issues, contact Metro PCS customer care number – 0800 999 6389.

Metro PCS customer service numbers

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Complaints & General Enquiries

Customers are at top priority for Metro PCS. They feel happy to serve their customers in the best possible way. They welcome all your complaints against services and happily answer all your queries. Use this Metro PCS customer service number to let them know your issues at 0888 863 8768.

Contact Metro PCS on Social Media

Metro PCS customer service numbers

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Stay in touch with Metro PCS on social media to get their latest updates, news, launches and data plans.

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Google Plus
  4. LinkedIn
  5. YouTube
  6. Instagram

Share your experience with Metro PCS in the comment section.


  • How to Make a Payment?

If you would like to make a payment online, you need to ‘Sign in to My Account’ first and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Enter your MetroPCS phone number.
  • Click on the ‘Yes’ icon on Sign in to My Account on the left-hand side.
  • Enter your password and click ‘’

If you sign in to my account you can access the following features:

  • Account Dashboard
  • Manage Auto Play
  • Monthly Data and Call Usage
  • Check order status
  • Change or Edit Plans and Services
  • Edit Your Profile

If you don’t have ‘My Account’ on MetroPCS, you can SIGN UP HERE

Express Pay

By using this method of payment, you can easily and quickly make one-time payments whenever you like. Click on the link to pay via Express Pay.


Use the Smartphone app to make a payment and save with a credit or debit card.


You can now make your payments via your phone. You need to dial *99 from a MetroPCS phone or 1-888-8metro8 (863-8768) from a non-MetroPCS phone.

MetroPCS Store

If you want to pay offline, then consider finding a MetroPCS store where you can pay in person.


You can also make your payments via mail by sending your payments to this address:

MetroPCS Wireless, INC.
PO Box 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

You can also consider setting up automatic mailed payments all the way through your bank.

Please Note: Payments cannot be cancelled once submitted. Regardless of how you make a payment, MetroPCS will give you a confirmation number, which you have to keep in the event any questions arise in the order of your payment.

  • Can I pay for multiple months in advance?

Yes, you can pay for multiple moths in advance. Your account balance would somehow show a credit until it’s time to make another payment. They also won’t contact you regarding payment notifications while there is still a positive balance on your account.

  • My Data is running slow, how do I fix this issue?

There are many ways to fix your date issues.

First of all, check your data usage in the ‘myMetro’ mobile app or online by signing up to ‘My Account.’ This should tell you how much of 4G LTE data is allotted to you and how much you have used for the current payment cycle. If you have crossed your allotted data amount, your phone still holds an unlimited data but, it will run a little slower.

To fix your data running slow, you can make a one-time purchase of Date top-up to add 1GB of high-speed 4G LTE date to your current payment cycle. You can also upgrade your plan to a larger allotment of 4G LTE date. So, if you want to upgrade your planm, we recommend you to visit your local MetroPCS store or call customer service at 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768).

In case, your Metro Data shows you have remaining high-speed data; you can also try to:

  • Verify if you are in the MetroPCS coverage area using their Coverage Map
  • Restart your phone to power cycle the device
  • Check your phone settings to ensure the ‘Network Mode is set to LTE/WCDMA/GSM

If the above steps do not solve your problems regarding slow data, we advise you to get your phone checked into a local MetroPCS store or call the customer care services at 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768) for additional help.

  • I can’t send or receive MMS, what do I do?

If you are not able to send or receive MMS on your MetroPCS device, there are multiple ways you can apply to fix this issue:

  • Verify if you are in the MetroPCS coverage area using their Coverage Map
  • Restart your phone to power cycle the device
  • Visit your phone settings and reset your device APN/MSC settings to default
  • Clear the messaging app data within your phone settings
  • Ensure that your phone holds up to 50MB of storage available internally or from an external microSD card

However, if the above information doesn’t work, you are recommended to take your phone to your local MetroPCS store or call the customer care to speak to one of their dedicated executives for more help at 1-888-863-8768.

  • What is the Number Portability?

WNP or Wireless Number Portability is a free service that enables you to bring your phone number with you when switching phone service to MetroPCS. Therefore, to start the WNP process, you’ll need an active mobile phone or landline number. You’ll also require a phone bought at MetroPCS, or you can bring an unlocked phone to your local MetroPCS store. Make sure you haven’t cancelled your old service; you’ll need an active phone number to make the transfer. You may also need to take any locked Smartphone to your current carrier to have it unlocked. If your phone is unlocked, it means your current carrier doesn’t have any restrictions keeping you from porting your phone number to a new carrier.

To port, a mobile phone number typically takes less than 10 minutes, while a landline can take three to five days. Once you set up a MetroPCS account while waiting for full number portability, you can begin texting and placing calls right away, but your phone may not be able to receive calls immediately.

  • What is Metro PCS Family Plan?

If you would like to go for MetroPCS family plan, it means that – up to 5 members of your family can combine their phone lines into a MetroPCS family plan which, however, saves $5 per line every month. Moreover, the family plan is available with any combination of their unlimited phone plans. You can start your ‘MetroPCS Family Plan’ from scratch or add new lines to your existing family plan.

  • Do MetroPCS offers high-speed data on plans?

Yes, all of their 4G LTE rate plans include unlimited – talking plans, texting and data with either an allotment or unlimited high-speed 4G LTE data. Your phone will automatically connect you to the data network, and you can browse, stream and download using the high-speed Internet whenever you are in an area with 4G LTE data available. When you reach your high-speed data cap, you will still get unlimited access to the internet to surf the web, download, and send photos or stream but at reduced speeds. You can also help to preserve your allotted high-speed data by connecting WIFI internet services when available.

Even with high-speed 4G LTE, the time it takes to download or upload a file will vary based on your location, your phone’s processing power, memory, number of users on the wireless mobile network, server speed, etc.

  • How to change your MetroPCS plan?

There are 4 ways to change your MetroPCS phone plans which are listed below;

  • Online – Sign in to My Account
  • In Person – Visit the local MetroPCS store
  • Calling Customer Care – 1-888-8metro8 or 863-8768
  • Call MetroPCS Helpline – Dial *611 on your MetroPCS phone


  • What is a signal booster?

MetroPCS offers a signal booster service – it is basically a device that helps to extend the cellular coverage footprint in areas of weak or poor coverage.

  • Why do I have to register for signal booster service?

To ensure that signal boosters are not interfering with the cellular coverage – the FCC has made it mandatory for signal boosters be registered with carries. Therefore, users are required to register their boosters prior to use. All carriers who are allowing the use of signal booster devices on their network must provide a registration system so that customers can register the address of where the booster is used.

Note; Registration helps to protect customers and carriers by streamlining network troubleshooting ensuring a positive signal experience. In case, the signal booster is causing problems on the network – registration lets carriers identify and locate the booster.

  • What data is received for registration and how will it be applied?

The data collected during registration is precise in locating the address where the signal booster is used, and user contact information to authorise the carrier to contact the user about the booster. This also covers information about the signal booster such as location, make, model, and serial number. This data will then be used to locate boosters if network issues are considered to be linked to the booster operation. Any data collected through this program will be practised as described above and is subject to the MetroPCS Privacy Policy.

  • How do I register myself for signal booster device?

If you are a MetroPCS consumer who received a booster, you are already registered to the address where the device was mailed. However, if you purchased your own booster or have migrated from the original, enter the Signal Booster Registration Tool.

  • How to activate new MetroPCS phone?

There are 3 different ways to activate your new MetroPCS phone:

  • Online
  • In MetroPCS store
  • By calling the customer support at 1-888-863-8768.


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