Phone number customer service contact
Phone number customer service contact
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12 AM to 11:59 PM


12 AM to 11:59 PM


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MBNA Bank is the leading finance and banking service provider in the United Kingdom. The bank is known for their finest customer dealing services that have eventually satisfied millions of customers of the UK since 1933. If you are seeking MBNA Customer Service Numbers, quickly make a call on 0800 068 8788. The company has a devoted customer care service center and will eventually provide you information in a couple of seconds.

MBNA Bank ServicesUK Contact Numbers
Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 068 8788
Money Transfers 0800 933 944
Financial Assistance 0800 028 0690
Complaints and Inquiries 0800 062 062

MBNA is a renowned name in delivering finest banking services to over millions of citizens of the United Kingdom. Established in 1933, the bank is currently the foremost financial service provider across the UK.  The bank offers finest loan and finance services for the welfare of the common people. Moreover, MBNA is the admired name in providing superior online banking services that are hard to match. In case you are looking for optimum contact details of the bank, you can visit the official website of the bank. Furthermore, for any inquiries related to banking, loans, finance you can easily make a call on the MBNA Bank Customer Service number on 0800 068 8788.

The support team is always ready to serve you the best with their top-notch assistance services. You also have an option to have a chat session with the support team by clicking on the contact us page on the website.

The MBNA bank has created a trust over the public of the United Kingdom and thus; they are one of the admired names when it comes to banking. The effortless services of the bank have eventually woven a trust among the people. Also, if you are seeking a bank that can provide you a safe and secure banking experience, look no further than MBNA. The bank offers a wide range of quality services other than banking. MBNA has an enthusiastic team of customer support service providers. You can reach them for any questions related to the banking, and you will get instant support.

Here are the ways by which you can get in touch with the MBNA Bank Customer Service team:

  1. Calling on the MBNA customer service numbers.
  2. Contact the customer care service providers by sending an email in the registered mail.
  3. Check-in via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  4. Visiting MBNA contact us page.


The main website of the company contains all the necessary details regarding the services and products.

MBNA Bank Service Address

MBNA Limited
P.O. Box 1004
Chester Business Park
Wrexham Road
CH4 9WW.

Useful Tips:

Make sure that you are calling on the registered contact number of the company. Calls made on the other numbers apart from the toll-free number will be charged as per your tariff plans.

You must be precise regarding your queries. It is essentially important that you provide only adequate personal details that are required for the verification.

Make calls only in the business hours so that you get an instant support regarding your queries. The support providers are professionals and will easily resolve any issues.


The calls made on the MBNA Bank contact number i.e. 0800 068 8788 are toll-free in the United Kingdom, and no tariff will be charged. Calls made to any other number will be accordingly charged as per your operator.

MBNA Bank Service Number

If you are looking for helpline numbers of the MBNA Bank support providers, you can easily contact the team on MBNA Bank contact number on 0800 068 8788. This is the main toll-free number of the United Kingdom and can be reached from Monday to Sunday, from 12 AM to 12 PM.

MBNA Bank Customer Service Enquiry


MBNA Bank is one of the promising banking service providers in the United Kingdom; you can easily get support services by calling on their helpline number because the company offers the finest customer care services in the town. If you are unsatisfied with the services offered by the MBNA Bank, feel free to make a call on the service support number. Alternatively, you can explore the main website of the bank for detailed information regarding the products and services. The MBNA Bank contact number of MBNA Bank Customer Service is 0800 068 8788. Here is the list of services offered by MBNA Bank:

  1. Balance Transfer Cards.
  2. Transfer and Purchase Cards.
  3. Airline Cards Services.
  4. Rewards.
  5. Credit Card Services.

Contact phone customer service
The MBNA Bank Experience


MBNA is a foremost name in delivering outstanding banking and finance services for the sake of their valuable clients across the UK. The bank also provides highest interest rate on deposits along with some irresistible offers. You can easily utilize the premium online banking services with an ease. If you are facing some troubles in getting the best out of the MBNA banking services, reach out to the support team by exploring the website. Alternatively, you can easily get support by making a call on the helpline number at 0800 068 8788.

Here is the detailed list of services of the MBNA Bank:

Balance Transfer Cards


The MBNA Bank offers the balance transfer credit cards that can easily let you transfer funds from one account to another. Moreover, you can easily transfer balance at low handling fees. You can easily apply for the balance transfer card by visiting the official website of the company. There you’ll get the detailed information on how to apply for the balance transfer card. You can also make a call to the support team for enquiring about the credit cards and their procedure to apply because the bank provides best support assistance. Dial the MBNA Bank Customer Service number on 0800 068 8788. Alternatively, visit the official website.

Transfer and Purchase Cards


Now you can easily get your transfer and purchase credit card from MBNA Bank because the bank offers the securest way of spending and shopping via its wide range of credit cards. Choose the best card as per your requirements. Just get in touch with the bank by visiting your nearest branch, or by sending an email containing your queries. Some people prefer to get assistance on a phone call. For them, the bank is currently offering phone banking services in which you can ask any questions related to your doubts. The support executives will guide you regarding your queries within a couple of minutes. Get in touch today! Just give a call on the MBNA Bank Customer Service numbers on 0800 068 8788.

Airline Cards Services


The MBNA Bank provides and airline credit cards that will give you great offer and discounts on your flights. This airline credit card is beneficial for people who travel a lot on flights. This card can be easily applied by simply visiting the company’s official website and clicking on airline cards. Also, you get guaranteed rewards with every booking made through this card. This means you can now get double benefitted by choosing the MBNA Bank airline card. For applying, make a call on the customer support number or visit the nearest branch of the bank in the United Kingdom.



With every transaction, the MBNA bank offers great rewards to enhance the shopping experience. These reward points can be redeemed for your next purchase with the card. Also, you get a chance to save a lot on your regular shopping bills, electricity bills, travel expenses, and much more. Visit the main website of the company for further details. Alternatively, dial the MBNA helpline number at 0800 068 8788.

Credit Card Services


The MBNA Bank offers flexible banking solutions for the sake of the customers of the United Kingdom. You can get the maximum benefits by applying for a credit card of the bank. You can easily rely on these cards because these cards are secured by the finest payment gateway services of VISA.

For any queries, get in touch with our service providers by making a call on MBNA Customer Service Numbers Also, you can have a chat session with the support team by clicking on the contact us page on the website.

The MBNA Bank contact number is 0800 068 8788. This is also the main MBNA Customer Service Number.

Complaints and General Inquiries


If you are not happy with the services of HBNA Bank, freely call the support helpline and get instant support. The company has outstanding customer support services that are very helpful. Visit their official website, or make a call on the helpline number provided on the website.

They love to hear from you because they leave no stone unturned in satisfying their precious clients. Apart from this, the services of the bank are highly praised by a number of citizens across the United Kingdom.

Contact phone customer service

Connect with MBNA Bank on Social Media

You can now connect with the MBNA on different social media pages of MBNA by clicking on the links provided below.

The company provides the latest information concerning their products and offers on these social media pages. Also, you can share your experiences with MNBA Bank support providers. I

n addition, you can provide suggestions to the company so as to improve their customer care services. Here are the different social media links:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Twitter


Top FAQs

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

  • If you think that your card is lost, damaged or stolen, call us at 03456 062 062 or if you are not in the UK call on 0044 1244 659005. The MBNA will send you a new card with the new account number and new details. Also, if you have monthly subscriptions or you have added your account details on the mobile phone, update them with the details that the company has given.

How do I change my personal details?

  • Although you can use online card services of MBNA to change the postal address, email address, phone number and more, if you want the company to change the details for you, give a call at 03356 062 062.

I’m planning on using my card abroad, what do I need to know?

  • You can use your credit card in most countries for both shopping as well as withdrawing cash, just make sure that your card isn’t expired. You can use their travelling abroad page to get all the details of everything.

I have two cards in my name; do I need to activate both?

  • No, you only have to activate one of your new credit cards. If you are receiving a new card, the instructions are attached to the card. But if you are an existing customer: Log in or register at ‘Online Card Services’ and select ‘Activate your cards’ from the Cards overview page

How can I cancel my optional LifestyleProtect policy?

  • You can call at 0800 587 0525 or can call at 18001 0800 587 0525 from 8am-10pm.

How can I claim under my optional LifestyleProtect policy?

  • To claim, contact at 0800 587 0525 or use toll-free number 18001 0800 587 0525. All the lines are open from 8am-6pm.

What is the LifestyleProtect and what are its benefits?

  • LifestyleProtct is an optional insurance that we used to sell. It has many added benefits including covering your credit card payments when you are out of work due to accidents, hospitalized, sickness or involuntary unemployment, or loss of life.

Can I change my credit file?

  • You cannot change the credit card file unless there are wrong details mentioned on it. if you think there’s wrong information written on your card, you can contact the executives or can write them to their address.

What is my credit card application got declined? Can I reapply?

  • Wait for at least six months before reapplying for another application. Failing which, your card might get declined, which could have a negative impact on your credit report.

What is the difference between an eligibility check and full credit card application?  

The eligibility check helps to find out which card you can accept before you make a full application. However, if you pick a card to make a full application, a full credit search will be done.

Paying Your Account:


How do I cancel my direct debit?

  • To cancel your debit card, login or register for Online Card Service and select payments.  If you don’t find any option to cancel your debit card, call at 03456 062 062.

Can I change the amount of minimum payment that is due?

  • No, you can’t change your minimum payment. For more information on minimum payments, reach the minimum payment page.

How do I make a complaint or PPI enquiry?

  • Visit their page Payment Protection Insurance Enquiries and Complains page to know everything about making any complaint or PPI enquiry.

How will you calculate my minimum payments?

  • The company offers 1% or 2.25% of the amount bowered (plus interest) as the minimum monthly payment on your MBNA. Here’s how the payments work:
  • If the balance on your statement is £25 or less
  • If there’s greater of £25 or fixed balance
  • If you have arrears pending, the amount will be added to the minimum payment.
  • If you are left with £1 or less, the company will include the amount in your minimum payment

How do I make payment?

  • Some of the common ways to make payments are using the direct debit card, standing order, debit card, by cheque, at your bank, from overseas or by faster payment.

How can I activate my card?

  • Once the card is in your hands, make sure to activate it as soon as possible. Log in or register for Online Card Service and choose Activate Card. Once you log-in, you can make payments, manage your details as well as request transfers and more.

Can I change my payment due date or the date when the statement is produced?

  • Yes, the company can change your due date of payment depending upon the situation. To find more call 03456 062 062.

Managing Your Account:

How can I close my credit card account?

  • Contact our customer care executives or call at the number given on the back of your credit card to get information.

How do I request for the increase of credit card limit?

  • Simply log-in or register for Online Card Service
  • Select the ‘Increase limit’ from the page and follow the instructions given

My card has expired, but I haven’t received the new one. Whom should I contact?

  • The reasons for not receiving the card would be many, call at 03456 062 062 to know why you haven’t received your card.

Can I have additional cardholder on my ongoing account?

  • Yes, you can add three cardholders on one account. Each one will get their private card and PIN number and can also access your credit card limit. Make sure the cardholder should be:
  • 18 year or above
  • Living with you at the same address
  • Should be a close member

Statement And Transactions:


What should I do, if all the transactions on my account are missing?

  • Before reporting it a fraud, find:
  • If your other cardholder has made any changes
  • View statement and login to the Online Card Services
  • Search the internet for merchants name; they might be dealing with other parent company that you are not familiar with.

I want financial help, what should I do?

  • Call the executives at 0800 028 0690 to help you. They are available from Mon-Thurs from 9am-8pm, Fri. 9am-6pm and at sat 9am-1pm.

Do you report all late payments to credit agencies?

  • Yes, the company report to the credit agencies for late payments. If the problem persists, you can contact at customer care executives.

If I pay off the balance before the promotional rate expires, will the transfers fee be reduced?

  • No, the company will charge all transfer fees, even if you pay all balance early.

Interest Rates And Fees:


What interest rate I am paying for my account?

  • To get details about the interest rates, login or register Online Card Services and go to ‘Manage Account’

Will I be charged for cash advances?

  • The handling fee will be charged for all advances which include using the card or withdrawing the cash.

Why have I been charged retail interest?

  • All the interests will be charged from the date a transaction is made in the account. If you pay off your statement balance at every month, you will not have to pay any interest.

How can I contact you?

  • Reach out to our customer care executives go through the provided number on the web.

Can I get the notifications in my language?

  • To get the notifications in the format that is easier for you call at 03456 062 062.

Balance And Money Transfers:


How much time will it take for a balance to reach my account?

  • All the approved transactions will reach your account in next business day.

How do I request a transfer and what I’ll be charged?

  • Simply log in or register Online Card Service
  • Select Make a Transfer from Your Account page
  • Choose Transfer balance

Is there any limit on the number of transfers?

  • There’s no limit of the number of transfers as long as it’s not more than 93% of your credit limit.Customer Care

Technical support:


Why am I unable to access my login?

If you are finding difficult to log in, go through the following steps:

  • Firstly check Internet settings of your pc or desktop
  • Check your search engine, Is it working under the latest

Your Privacy Settings

  • Open to your web page.
  • Delete all the temporary files cookies and browsing history from the web
  • Check out “Do not save encrypted pages to disk enables tools”.

What if I am having difficulty with my online credit card account?

  • Call 03456 062 062, if you are having connection issues.

Do online card services use cookie policy?

  • Yes, they use a small amount of information that helps to work the site more easily


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