HMRC UK Phone Numbers
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HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) is a non-ministral of the UK’s government. This authority collects tax and payments for public services and also administrates regulatory regimes like the national minimum wage.

You may need to contact them for many reasons like tax collection, filing complaints against defaulters, etc.

On this page, you will find all direct numbers of HMRC UK helpline. You will also find their direct local address for HMRC customer service requirements. For more information, log on to HMRC official website.

List of HMRC UK Important Contact Numbers


Best time to call: Phone lines are usually less busy Tuesday to Thursday between 8.30am and 10.30am and 2pm to 4pm.


HMRC UK Phone Numbers

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HMRC UK was established in 2005 by the Commissioners for Revenue and Customs ACT (CRCA) by merging Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise. HMRC is responsible for countless things, starting from tax collection – income tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax, capital gain tax, stamp, land, and petroleum revenue taxes, and environmental taxes. They are also responsible fro tax credits, administrate child benefit, trade statistics, national insurance, enforcement of the National Minimum Wage, recovery of Student Loan repayments, etc.

HMRC UK authority has to make sure that money is available to fund UK’s public services. They administrate government banking services and tax system in the most simple, customer- focused and efficient way.

Ways to Contact HMRC UK Customer Services

If you intend on contacting HMRC for any information, queries, complaints, you can do so in different ways. Choose the best contact way according to your issues and concerned department.

  1. Fill and submit the online support form.
  2. Call their helpline number.
  3. Write them an Email.
  4. Post a letter to their office address.
  5. Visit their official Contact Us page.
  6. Get in touch via Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram.

Browse more options at HMRC’s main website.

HMRC UK Phone Numbers

HMRC Postal Address

To contact HMRC about any general issue or your queries, you also have the option to post a handwritten letter to their postal address.

HM Revenue and Customs HMRC) Customer service

HMRC FoI Act Team, Room 1C/23,

100 Parliament Street,



If you choose this communication channel, it’s important to check a few things before sending your letter. Make sure that you have mentioned the right postal address on your letter. Failure to do so might result in sending your message to the wrong recipient or cancellation of the post.

Also, make sure that you give your accurate contact details (your complete name, phone number, and address). HMRC UK customer service department will use this information to send you a response. Top of it, keep the body of letter precise while making sure that it contains all information (query or complaint) that you want to be resolved.

HMRC Contact Numbers

HMRC offers so many options to contact them. You can discuss your related issues, make general enquiries, lodge a complaint, take help with your HMRC account and can even provide feedback for their services. Phoning them is the easiest and suggested way to contact the HMRC UK customer service team. There will be a representative to assist you with your complaint and enquiries. HMRC officials are very quick and polite while solving your issues.

How HMRC Helps you?

You can contact them for:

  1. Contact DVLA for questions about driving, vehicle tax, and registrations.
  2. Contact HMRC for questions about tax, including self-assessment and PAYE.
  3. Retrieve your lost login details or get help using Universal Jobmatch.
  4. Get help with your passport application and renewals if you’re a British Citizen.
  5. Get help with student loan applications and grants.
  6. To report frauds
  7. Get help with renewing or applying for a British passport if you live overseas.
  8. Check if you’re paying about the right amount of tax.
  9. Get advice on tax credits and tell HMRC about changes to your address, job or salary.
  10. Contact Department for Transport, Maritime and Coastguard Agency or the Vehicle Certification Agency.
  11. Contact the Child Benefit Office to report a change of circumstance, get your Child Benefit number, or make a general enquiry.
  12. To claim your State Pension and more.

Every department has a different helpline number. It is suggested contacting general helpline number to save your time.

Important Note: People with hearing or speech impairment can contact HMRC via textphone numbers.

HMRC UK Services

HMRC UK phone numbers

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Child Benefits

HMRC UK phone numbers

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A person gets the child benefits if s/he is responsible for taking care of a child under 16, or under 20 if they stay in approved education or training. Only one person gets child benefit for a child. Even if you choose not to get this benefit, it’s advisable to fill in the claim form because it helps you get National Insurance Credits which counts towards your state pension. It also assures that your child is eligible to get National Insurance number when the are 16 years old.

You need to report changes in the child’s circumstances if any. You can also complain if you are not satisfied with the way you have been treated.

To know more about child benefits and guardian allowance, contact HMRC UK helpline number at 03002003100 for enquiries and information update.

HMRC VAT Helpline

VAT is a business tax charged on things like business sales of goods and services, selling business assets, commission, hiring or loaning products to someone, items sold to staff (canteen meals), business goods used for personal reasons, non-sales like part-exchange, gifts, bartering, etc. You can charge VAT only if you are registered for this.

If you are a VAT registered business, report to HMRC the amount of VAT you have paid and the amount you have charged.

To get more information about VAT rates, returns, and registration, you can contact HMRC VAT Helpline number at 03002003700.

National Insurance

People make national insurance contribution to enjoy benefits like State Pension. You are eligible to pay national insurance only if you are:

  1. 16 or over.

  2. An employee earning Euro 155 a week

  3. self-employed and making a profit of Euro 5, 965 or more a year.

National Insurance has difference classes and which class you relate to depends on your employment status, our earning and whether you have any gaps in your National Insurance record. You can find your national insurance number on your payslip, on your P60 and letters about your tax or pension.

If you need help with your National Insurance number, record, class, credits and more, contact HMRC UK customer services at 03002003500.

Self Assessment Tax Return

HMRC UK phone numbers

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Self-assessment is an automatic system for collecting income tax. Tax is automatically deducted from wages, pensions, and savings. People must report their income on their tax return. You need to send a tax return for the last financial year if you were self-employed if you got Euro2, 500 or more untaxed income, your saving were Euro10,000 or more, you were a company director, your income was Euro50, 000 and you claimed child benefits.

You can claim tax relief for donation to charity, private pension contributions and if your work expenses were over Euro2, 500.

If you need help with registering for self-assessment tax return, you can visit HMRC official page or call at their general inquiries number at 03002003310.

Income Tax

HMRC UK phone numbers

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The tax you pay on your income is called income tax. You pay income tax on things like money earned from employment, profits made from self-employment, benefits from your job, rental income, some state benefits, most pensions, etc.

You can directly contact HMRC UK customer service number at 03453003900 to know about income tax allowance, tax relief and how to pay income tax.

Other Services of HMRC UK Helpline

Service list of HMRC UK is vast. From registration of birth, marriage and death to buying, selling and scraping a vehicle; and from dismission of staff and health and safety at work to UK visa and immigration services, you can contact HMRC customer care for almost any legal issue.

HMRC UK Online Helpdesk

You can contact HMRC UK online helpdesk at 03002003600 to resolve following issues:

  1. logging into and registering problems.

  2. receiving error messages.

  3. trouble submitting forms.

If you are facing technical issues with VAT online services, contact HMRC VAT helpline number at 0300 200 3701.

Contact HMRC UK for Complaints

HMRC takes care of their customers efficiently. However, if you ever feel unhappy with their services due to unreasonable delays, improper call handling, rude behavior, you can lodge a complaint against that particular department or person through HMRC helpline number. You can also do the same by filling our online forms.

HMRC team will do everything to resolve your issues and provide you the best services. Call HMRC toll-free 0800 854 440.

HMRC UK on Social Media

You can stay in touch with HMRC through their social media channels. You can get an immediate response to your queries and complaints by raising your concerns on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Find the detail of HMRC social media accounts:

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google Plus

  5. YouTube




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