Phone number customer service contact
Phone number customer service contact
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Halifax customers, who wish to know their account balances or change the details on their accounts, can contact the bank’s Telephone Banking staff based in the UK through Halifax Phone Number. New customers who would like to know more about and apply for the ranges of mortgages, savings accounts, current accounts, credit cards and car finance can visit their website and look up information or request it directly from the bank’s staff by calling the Halifax Phone Number on 0844 306 9119. This also applies to those seeking to borrow money from the bank.

Halifax ServicesUK Contact Numbers
Customer Service Helpline UK 0844 306 9119
Halifax Service Number 0871 789 7125
Complaints and Enquiries +44 113 366 0167
Halifax PPI Service Number 0800 151 0293

Halifax, a subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group, is the United Kingdom’s largest provider of residential mortgages and savings accounts. A court session in 2009 allowed Lloyds to take over the Bank of Scotland, which included Halifax at the time. By 2010, Halifax could accept Bank Giro Credits after becoming a clearing bank. To complete its transactions, paying-in and withdraw slips were required. Bank Giro Credits implementations were done in stages in the Halifax’s branches and took a total of six months to be fully executed. This modernization has also seen the introduction of Chip and PIN technology at the bank’s branches with the aim of improving security. If you are seeking for the prominent contact details of the company, make a call on the Halifax Phone Number on 0844 306 9119.

Assistance and Support
Halifax offers a big range of products and services. If you would like to know about each one of them or interested in a particular one, you can always find ready assistance by contacting the bank through Halifax Phone Number. If you want to register for online banking, seek aid by hitting Online Banking Help on the bank’s website, where your questions will be answered, or just give them a call. Customers registered for Online Banking, who’ve lost their cards or had them stolen should sign in and fill the provided online form. If assistance is not duly available, they can simply dial Halifax Phone Number and get immediate attention. You can visit the main website of the company for more details regarding the service of Halifax. Alternatively, just dial the Halifax Phone Number on 0844 306 9119.

Costs of Getting in Touch
Customers are calling to 0800 numbers from UK landlines usually, do it for free. However, calls from mobile phones may be charged because your service provider may determine the charges for calls to Halifax Phone Number. If you would like to see the range of investments products offered by Halifax as well as existing policy administration or amendments and make a claim, remember to contact them through the official Halifax Phone Number.

Following are the different ways by which you can get in touch with the customer care service team:

  1. Calling on the Halifax Phone Number.
  2. Contact the Halifax customer support providers by sending an email in the registered mail.
  3. Check-in via different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  4. Visit Halifax contact us page.


You can also have a look on the main website of Halifax for detailed information regarding their services.

Halifax Service Address


Bank Street,



Useful Tips

Make sure that you dial the correct contact number for the United Kingdom. In case you are outside the UK, you can search for the relevant number on the website.

Be specific regarding your queries because the customer care executives are quite busy serving other customers.

Also, you must keep your details in a ready state before making a call on the support number. This will help you in getting an instant assistance regarding any queries.

Halifax Customer Service Number

Halifax numbers UK

Halifax is a famous name in providing easy banking services that are incredible. The company is known for their finest customer care services for the sake of their valuable clients. You can get in touch with the support team by simply calling the Halifax UK phone number on 0844 306 9119. The lines are open from Monday to Sunday, during the business hours. Moreover, you can get in touch with the support team by visiting the official website of Halifax. The website has all the relevant information regarding the company’s policies and their finest services. Halifax is one of the promising service providers in the United Kingdom. Here is the list of services provided by Halifax:

  1. Banking
  2. Loan Services
  3. Insurance
  4. Credit Cards
  5. Travel Benefits

Apart from this, you can explore the official website of the company for detailed information regarding the company’s other services.

Contact phone customer service

Halifax Service Enquiry


If you are having some issues with the services of Halifax, you can easily get instant support from the company’s official service providers because they deliver outstanding support services. Apart from this, the company has dedicated support team, which is always ready to serve you the best. You can get in touch with the support team by visiting the official website of the company where you can get effortless customer service by having a chat session with the support team. Also, the main Halifax phone number is 0844 306 9119; you can reach out this number for excellent support services.

The Halifax Customer Service Experience


Halifax is one of the finest banking and finance service providers in the UK with millions of satisfied customers. Also, the company provides unmatched insurance services that are commendable. If you are looking for the contact details of the company, you can dial the Halifax customer service contact number i.e. 0844 306 9119. Make sure that you have a valid query before making a call on the customer support number because this will help you in getting an instant assistance. Alternatively, just visit the main website of the company.

Here is the detailed information regarding the services of Halifax:



Halifax is a renowned name in delivering fantastic banking services to their precious clients across the UK. You can get the exceptional online banking experience with Halifax net banking services that are easily accessible. You can now get the benefits of easy shopping with Halifax internet banking services. The bank offers great deals and offers on their credit cards as well as shopping debit cards. If you are looking for promising banking services, Halifax is the optimum choice. Visit the bank’s official website for detailed information regarding the account opening and services. Moreover, you can also get in touch with the support team by calling the Halifax customer service contact number which is available on the website. Alternatively, dial Halifax phone number on 0844 306 9119.

Loan Services


The company is known for their excellent loan services for the sake of their valuable clients. The company provides easy loans to the citizens of the UK with low-interest rates. You can opt for easy EMI options depending on the loan type. Visit the official website of the company to check your eligibility for the loan and other important information is given on the site. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with the support team by calling on the Halifax UK phone number on 0844 306 9119. Make sure that you are specific regarding your queries to get appropriate assistance.



If you are looking for capable insurance service providers in the UK, then Halifax is the finest service provider with millions of satisfied customers. Moreover, the company is known for its top-notch car and home insurance services that are appreciated by its satisfied customers. You can easily contact the Halifax customer service providers to get a quote regarding your home insurance. For this, just make a call on the Halifax customer service contact number on 0844 306 9119. Alternatively, explore the main website of Halifax.

Credit Cards


Apart from the insurance services, Halifax is a huge credit card service provider in the United Kingdom serving several people. The credit card provides leisure of shopping with some great offers that are irresistible. Furthermore, you can opt for easy EMI option on various goods in different stores because the company is currently providing credit cards to the account holders for the sake of their convenience. You can apply for the credit card by simply visiting the website of the company. Also, you can dial the Halifax UK phone number for further inquiries.

Travel Benefits


Halifax offers tremendous travel benefits for their valuable clients because the main motive is to provide effortless travel experience to their beloved clients therefore, you can get the best services. You can get travel money from the bank without any additional charges and easily return the amount as per your convenience. For more details, visit the contact us page of the company’s authorized website. Moreover, you can make a call on the Halifax contact number on 0844 306 9119 because this is the main number.

Complaints and General Inquiries


If you are unsatisfied with the services of Halifax, you can simply get in touch with the support team by calling the Halifax contact number on 0844 306 9119. You can also visit the main website of the company and write an email concerning your queries and issues. The company’s service executives will provide you assistance in a short time because they are committed to excellence.

Connect with Halifax on Social Media

You can also follow Halifax on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on the bank’s news and latest offers. Furthermore, you can also provide suggestions for the sake of other customers. Following are the various social media platforms links:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. TwitterContact phone customer service

Halifax FAQs


  • How can I update my personal details?

If you want to update your details like name, address and phone number, you will have to visit their local, or you can also write them.

Visit their branch office

You will need to give your original name-change documents such as marriage certificate, deed poll etc. And, you will also be required to provide one Government issues ID proof and other additional supporting documents to confirm your details. Refer to the personal information and your identity verification leaflet of which documents are acceptable.

Write to them

Write to them by giving details of the change required and sign the request letter with your old and new signatures. You should also provide your original name change documentation as evidence of the change as documented here; Halifax, PO Box 548, Leeds, LS1 1WU.

Adequate Evidence of a Change of Name

You’ll need the following documents in divorce situation:

  • Divorce papers/Decree Absolute
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate/Deed Pool/Copy of the entry in the Register of Corrections (Scotland only)

Documents required in general conditions;

  • English language Marriage Certificate
  • Statutory Declaration which has been sworn or notarized by an individual who is empowered to take oaths, usually a solicitor
  • Deed Poll (not Scotland) – screen prints of Internet Deed Poll applications are not acceptable
  • Amended Birth Certificate
  • Equity Card
  • Civil Partnership Registration Document, either issued in the UK or registered overseas
  • Dissolved Civil Partnership Papers
  • Evidence of a bestowed or hereditary title (e.g. Lord), an award (e.g. MBE) or a qualification (e.g. PhD).

Note; they only acknowledge official titles, presented by the state or inherited traditionally. Titles which have been acquired cannot be recorded on their systems.

You can replace your surname to be double barreled by presenting an original copy of your Marriage Certificate or Civil Partnership Registration Document as long as the names to be applied are those cited on the Marriage Certificate or Civil Partnership Registration Document.

Change of Address

It’s important to keep your address up to date and here is how you can update your address; if you are registered for telephone banking call them, and they will make the change straight away.

Call them on 0345 720 3040

If you are calling them from abroad then prefer not to use their 0345 number, make ca call on +44 113 242 1984.

Or visit their local branch.

If you would like to visit them in person, you will need to carry one government-issued document and another additional supporting document to confirm your details.

Note; refer to the personal information and your identity verification leaflet for documents that are acceptable for change of address.

Write to Halifax

Complete your change of address form, sign it and post them to Halifax, PO Box 548, Leeds, LS1 1WU.

Please Note; Don’t forget to sign the form as they won’t be able to carry out your request without a signature. They use the signature to verify your identity against signatures they hold for you – if signatures don’t match, they will write to you back.

Also, the returned forms will be processed within 7 working days from the receipt.

This change of address form is only used for bank accounts, credit cards, savings, mortgages, personal loans and secured loans.

Offshore Banking must be notified immediately of any changes to Currency Accounts. And,

For Insurance, you will still need to reach the Insurance Company directly if you fail to do so this could affect your insurance cover.

Update Your Phone Number

If you need to update your phone number, let them know as soon as possible so that you can set up new payments in Online Banking without any interruption.

Therefore, to change your phone number in Online Banking, sign in and choose ‘Your Profile’ from the toolbar at the top of your account homepage, then choose ‘update my details.’ You can also visit them in branch or contact Telephone Banking.

  • How to contact Halifax Help Centre?

Use their branch finder to locate your nearest branch or cash machine. They have around 800 branches in the UK.

Here is what you can do online; you are free to do anything and everything these days. You can keep a track record of your money, make the payments and see and order your statements. It will surely save your time. Not only this, but you can also

  • Earn Cash Back
  • Pay Friends and Family
  • Get Mobile Alerts
  • Manage Your Accounts and Details
  • Contact them by Phone

If you are a new customer or already an existing customer to Halifax, their telephone numbers are listed below, so you know who to call precisely. You can also talk to them about their existing accounts or find out more about the range of products and how to apply.

  • Bank Accounts – 0345 720 3040, if calling from abroad call them on 44 (0)113 242 1984s
  • Savings – 0345 726 3646, if calling from abroad call them on +44 (0) 113 242 2005
  • Mortgages – 0345 850 3705
  • Credit Cards -0345 944 4555, if calling from abroad call them on +44 (0) 1733 573 189
  • Personal Loans – Customers with agreements starting with “100”, “77” or “7/”0345 604 7292, Customers with agreements starting with “84” or “15” 0345 724 3444 Option 2, and then option 2, Halifax customers wanting to apply for a new loan 0345 724 3444 Option 1.
  • Car Finance – +44 (0)333 202 7967
  • Insurance – 0800 500 3973, 0330 0189539, 0344 2090471,
  • Travel Insurance – 0345 604 9839, 0345 307 3801
  • Pet Insurance – 0845 850 0265
  • Protection Insurance – 0345 600 1751

British Sign Language (BSL)

If you’d prefer to speak to them using BSL, you can book an interpreter in a branch, or chat online with SignVideo – this is Halifax’s BSL video chat service.

Open the link to find a branch or cash machine facilities in your area, please enter any part of the address, postcode or both and select one of the options to refine your search.

  • What is credit card scoring and checking?

Like all other genuine and responsible credit card companies, they take into account many factors when they assess your application. A credit search is when they carry out a search on your name and address with a Credit Reference Agency to help them understand more about your credit history. Every time a research work is done it is noted on your credit record to let other banks know that they have asked for information about you.

Credit Scoring

When you apply yourself for a credit card, such as a current account, mortgage, personal loan or credit card, they use a system called credit scoring as part of the evaluation process. The Information given in your application is presented with a ‘score’, and the total score symbolises the level of risk involved. This system helps them ensure all applications are assessed the same way and that they are lending responsibly.

Other factors that may determine the score include how you have managed other Halifax accounts, plus they will usually contact a credit reference agency. Download their credit scoring guide for full details on what information they hold and how you can find out what private information they hold on you. You may be able to prepare for any incorrect data to be changed.

  • What is my credit score?

Scoring details are confidential for security reasons. For example, people could try to make fraudulent applications.

  • Why my application was declined?

It doesn’t mean we consider you to be a lousy payer; just that the past experience has implied that applicants in similar conditions are more likely to undergo payment issues.

However, you can appeal against the decision, and although they can’t guarantee to reverse it, they will be happy to review any further supporting information that you can present.

Remember, other lenders have different rules, so your application may not necessarily be declined elsewhere. Although the credit reference agency may record the fact that they have reviewed your file and this may be taken into account.

  • Can I re-apply?

Certainly yes because they believe that circumstances do change.

If they turn down your application, you can appeal. Just in case you can provide evidence that the information they have used is incorrect or incomplete, or give them information about your savings or other accounts with another bank or building society. Without new information, it is very doubtful that they will be able to change their decision.

They always reconsider carefully. If you want to appeal about your mortgage decision, you can write to the following address to tell them why you think the decision is wrong:

Mortgage Underwriting Team, Lloyds Banking Group, Barn wood 1, Barnett Way, Gloucester, GL4 3RL.

If you applied for a mortgage through a Broker, then contact your mortgage broker who should upload your new information with a supporting letter to the Interlinks website.





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