Groupon numbers
Groupon numbers
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Groupon is an American e-commerce marketplace that connects million of people with local dealers by offering various activities, travel, goods, services and more. On this page, you can find the most helpful Groupon contact numbers. You can also find out the direct telephone numbers and Groupon’s local address for related Groupon customer service requirements. For more information, you can visit Groupon Contact Us page.

Groupon Contact Number List

Groupon HelplineUK Contact Number
Customer Services 02035100444
Complaints 02035102373
Business Contact Number 02035100444

Launched in 2008, The first marketplace for Groupon was Chicago, followed by Boston, New York City and Toronto. By 2010, this company was available in almost 150 cities in North America and almost 100 cities in Europe, Asia, and South America. By 2015, Groupon served more than 500 cities worldwide and had nearly 48.1 million customers globally.

Groupon provides a platform for advertising exclusive deals that are offered by small and large businesses worldwide. This company also acts as a website from where you can get the best discounts.

Groupon has become a platform for the dealers where they can showcase their products and business. Also, the company has launched a product name- Groupon Works. Through this product, the dealers can contact the company to see how their services can feature in daily deals. The company has also launched a product named, Groupon Store for their merchants. Groupon customer service is very responsive and is committed to answering your every query regarding your orders, coupons and much more.

Despite all your issues and queries, you can get in touch with the Groupon Customer Care Service through several Groupon phone numbers and various social media platforms.

Below mentioned are the ways by which you can get in contact with the Groupon customer care services:

  1. Contact Groupon Helpline representatives via landline or mobile phone.
  2. Write an email to their mail address and join their mailing list.
  3. Send a handwritten letter to their main offices.
  4. Check-in via their social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Visit the Groupon Contact Us page.

Groupon numbers

To see what other options are available for contacting the Groupon customer care service, go to the main site.

Groupon Customer Service Address

To contact Groupon about any general issues about your coupon, orders or delivery, you also have the option to send a handwritten letter to their official postal address:

Groupon Customer Services, 

1 Swan Lane, EC4R 3TN, London, United Kingdom.


Our Recommended Tip:

While writing the letter to the customer care service team, try to give as much information as possible about your query but do not give your personal information that can be compromised. Your enquiry is important to the company, and if you want to get a helpful response, you will have to write your issue with full details.

It is easier to get in touch with the company by giving them a call, but some of us prefer to send an old-fashioned handwritten letter. Despite what contact choice you choose, just remember to write your query in a very precise manner.

Groupon Contact Numbers

All clients are valuable for Groupon. You are always welcome to call their local Groupon Helpline and get in touch with their customer care agents regarding any coupon or order issue. Your calls will be then forwarded to the departments such as promo codes, order, and merchants.

You can also discuss your order dispatch and delivery issues along with providing the feedback for the latest Groupon coupon you used.

Groupon Customer Care Services offer many incredible options:

  1. Help with Promo codes issues.
  2. Tracking of Package.
  3. Dispatch and Deliveries.
  4. Returns

The main Groupon number is 02035100444. With this number, you can get in touch with their customer care representatives immediately. While placing the call, keep your coupon code and order information near you to avoid any inconveniences while getting your issue resolved.


Calls made to any (03) or (02) Groupon Contact Numbers will be charged 7p/minute, in addition to your operator’s access charge. In case, if you are calling from the outside United Kingdom, you will have to pay the additional charges with the international rates, as applied by your telephone service provider. It is always a good idea to consult your service provider before making the phone call.

Groupon Services Enquiry

Groupon numbers
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For more information regarding the incredible services provided by Groupon, you can give a call on the Groupon helpline at 02035100444.

The Groupon customer services operating hours are 8 am-8 pm, from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, the customer care services are available from 9 am-6 pm. Do check the operating hours before giving them a call. If you call in the morning time, expect a delay time by the customer care agent to pick your call.

Your call will be received by the customer care agent of Groupon with whom you can discuss all your coupon, orders, dispatch, delivery issues and much more.

The Groupon Services

The Groupon offers a wide range of services where you can know the status of your promo code, track your package, return the items and make your shopping experience more fun and easier. To get a coupon or for any details about your coupon code or order, dial this number 02035100444.

Promo CodesGroupon numbers








Got a promo code? Not sure how to use and where to use? Well, the Groupon customer care team is there to help. You can use this number 02035100444 to learn how to code works and where you can use it.

The Group team will properly guide you step by step that where and how you can use that code. Also, they will tell you the current status and validity for that coupon.

Track the Package

Your item is on the way. If you need to now that when your item will be delivered or where it has reached. You can simply call the Groupon customer care number 02035100444 to know the current status of your package.

You can also find a link to track your order. Also, there is a “Track order” option on the website where you can click and track your order.

Return of the Items

Groupon numbers

If you have placed the order on the site other than Groupon, then you have to contact the merchant.

If you have placed the order with Groupon, then you can call their helpline number 02035100444 for more details.

Remember, your return cannot be initiated using your mobile phone, so you have to log in through your computer for initiating the returns for your items.

Also, you will get the refund within 14 working days.

Dispatch and Deliveries

If your package is dispatched late by the specified time or if it has arrived late than the expected delivery date. You can call the Groupon Customer care service at the numbers mentioned below:

Helpline: 02035100444

Unrecognized purchase

If your purchase is unrecognized, then you can simply the order and go through our refund policies.

For tickets, you can refer to the Fine Print details of your ticket.

In case for goods, you can contact the merchant or the customer care team of Groupon.

For more details, dial 02035100444

For business inquiries, use this number:02035102248


Complaints and General Enquiries

Every client is important to Groupon, and they want to know if you are satisfied or dissatisfied with their services. If you are happy and satisfied with the services provided by Groupon, the Groupon customer care team wants to know. If your issue was not resolved or if you are unhappy with the services, the Groupon team want to know. To give them the feedback, you can use this Groupon number 02035102373.

In case, if your query is not resolved on the call, you also have the option to visit their customer care center at London:

Groupon Customer Center,

One Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3TN

Connect with Ease

Apart from giving a call or sending a handwritten letter to their offices, there are other options available for your issues or queries.

FAQ Section

Groupon numbers






You can go to the FAQ section and search your query. Also, there are various Faq topics on the site in which you can search your query. A detailed solution for almost all your issues has been given in the Faq section.

Trending Articles

Groupon numbers

You can also visit the trending articles section to look solution for your queries. Here, in this section most common queries have been listed with a very precise solution.

Help Wizard

Groupon numbers







A help wizard option is also available at the Groupon official site. You can click on My order, My account, Pre-purchase or Something else option and you will be guided through the steps to contact the Groupon customer care services.

It is important to have an account with Groupon before you use any of the options.

Connect to Groupon via Social Media

Group on numbers
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You can also get in contact with the Groupon team through their various social media handles:

  1. Facebook  
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Linkedin
  5. Youtube

Groupon offers a great source of entertainment for their customers via their various social media channels. Also, sometimes they use their social media handles for promotional purposes. You can also post your grievances through posts or messages on their Facebook handle.

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