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Bank of America Phone Numbers

Bank of America is one of the largest American multinational companies. Its history can be traced back to 1904 with the establishment of Bank of Italy in San Francisco. In the early 1900s, it served immigrants who had moved to America. Bank of Italy would later merge with Bank of America and formed Bank of America National Trust and Savings in 1930. Its largest section is consumer banking and has millions of customers in the world. The bank has managed to dominate the market through

Its largest section is consumer banking and has millions of customers in the world. The bank has managed to dominate the market through the acquisition of small businesses.

In this post, you can find the Bank of America’s most pertinent phone numbers and company’s local address for related customer service requirements. For more details related to the contact information of the bank, visit the Bank of America’s Official Contact Us Page.

Bank of America UK Phone Number List

Bank of America HelplineUK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 08007837659
Customer Contact Service 080022653279
Compliants 08004561234
Accounts Services 08443757027

Bank of America offers a full range of retail banking solutions to its customers in the United Kingdom and other countries around the world. The company is one of the leading banks in the world when it comes to retail banking. In the United Kingdom, Bank of America offers a number of services.

Some of the services they provide to their UK customers include mortgage accounts, deposits, and saving accounts, as well as credit card services. However, Bank of America’s credit card service is perhaps the most common service in the UK.

Apart from providing the exceptional banking services, Bank of America provides the best customer care services to its clients through their expert customer service teams. Regardless of all your queries and issues, you can get in touch with one of the world’s leading bank through various phone numbers and several contact numbers.

Ways to Contact Bank of America

If you face any issues regarding the services provided by Bank of America, you can get in touch with their representatives through various communication channels provided by the bank.

The various communication channels are:

  1. Contact Bank of America contact number via landline or mobile phone.
  2. Visit the Bank of America FAQ section.
  3. Send a handwritten letter to their postal address.
  4. Write an email to their mailing address.
  5. Sign up for their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.
  6.  Visit their Official Contact Us Page.

Bank of America phone number UK

For more information regarding the contact details of Bank of America, you can visit their main site.

Bank of America Customer Service Address

In case if you do not want to contact the Bank of America customer service agents via call or email, you can also contact them by sending a handwritten letter to their postal address:

Bank of America
Heronsway, Chester CH4 9QQ, UK


Tips for writing the letter:

Try to give as much information as much about your query but do not mention the personal details that can be easily compromised. Write your letter with full details and follow a highly-detailed and a precise manner while writing the letter.

You also have to mention the following details in order to get a helpful response:

  1. Personal Information.
  2. Contact Details.
  3. Bank account number
  4.  Card information, and all other important details regarding the query.

Remember to mention the contact information with full address and phone number, so that your Bank of America customer care representatives can contact you with ease.

Bank of America Services Enquiry

Bank of America Phone Number

Every customer of Bank of America is valuable and is always welcomed to call the Bank of America contact number UK to get in touch with their agents regarding any query. Y0u can use this phone number for Bank of America, o207174400 and get your issues resolved by their agents by calling them in their working hours.

Your call will be received by the Bank of America customer service agent who will forward your call to the respective departments like accounts, credit cards, loan, mortgages, and insurances. Also, you can discuss new accounts procedures, lost credit card issues along with providing a feedback on the services provided by the bank.

Bank of America provides many incredible banking services such as:

  1. Accounts
  2. Loans
  3. Credit Cards
  4. Insurance
  5. Bill Payment
  6. Wealth Management
  7. Business Enquiries

The main Bank of America UK phone number is 08007837659.. You can use this number and get in touch with their agents in their working hours.


Calls made to the (08) Bank of America phone numbers are free of cost. Calls made to the (02) and (03) Bank of America UK phone numbers are charged at 13 pence per minute with the addition to the telephone provider’s access charge.

In case, if you are calling from outside the United Kingdom, you will have to pay the international call rates as applied by the local tariffs.

We recommend you to call your service provider before making the call.

Recommended Tip:

Keep the following details near you while placing the call to avoid any inconveniences in getting your issues resolved:

  1. Bank account information.
  2. Loan details.
  3. Insurance information, and all other details related to your query

Besides simply using the official Bank of America Phone Number you may be required to choose an option to get to the right customer support desk that will handle your issue.

Bank of America UK Operating Hours

Bank of America Phone number UK

To get in touch with the Bank of America’s customer service agents, you can use this phone number for Bank of America, 08007837659 in their working hours.

The opening and closing hours of the customer care lines are:

  1. Monday to Friday, from 8 am-6 pm.
  2. On Saturdays and Sundays, the customer services lines are closed.

Bank of America Services

Bank of America provides a wide range of banking services such as loan, insurances, accounts, and the services, which can make your banking experience customized. You can use this Bank of America phone number, 08007837659 and get in touch with their agents regarding any query.

Savings Account

Bank of America numbers

Bank of America helps their customers to open the saving accounts to meet their wealth management needs. They let you open basic regular saving accounts with a $5 monthly fee and with a minimum daily balance of $300 per statement cycle.

In case, if you have higher balances and want to earn a higher interest rate then you can get a bank account open with a $12 or $20 monthly fee and you can also maintain a minimum daily balance of $2500 per statement cycle.

All the saving accounts come with the various features like FDIC insurance, online banking, mobile banking, automatic transfers, and a chip card.

If you face any issues regarding the bank accounts, you can dial this Bank of America phone number, 08007837659.

Credit Cards

Bank of America phone numbers

Bank of America offers a wide range of credit cards that can cater all the need of their customers such as BankAmericard cash rewards, BankAmericard travel cards, Americard, Better balance rewards, and much more.

When you enroll in the credit card and preferred rewards program, you get 25% or more bonus on all eligible cards. As a preferred client, you even get more benefits and rewards with your everyday banking.

If you face any issue in the activation of card, paying of bills, you can use this Bank of America’s phone number, 08007837659.


Bank of America contact numbersUK

Bank of America offers two types of loans that is business loans and auto loans. You can get a loan from the bank and estimate your monthly loan payment by visiting their official website and by selecting the loan amount and loan type.

You can also calculate other terms and rates on their official website. The preferred rewards loan clients get an interest rate discount of .25% gold, .35% platinum and .50% platinum honors.

You can also apply for a loan online, check the loan status, and upload the documents anytime. Above all, there is no fee charged for this process.

 Complaints and General Enquiries

Let the Bank of America customer service agents know if you are happy or unhappy about the services. You can use this number Bank of America phone number, 08004561234 to provide a feedback or raise a complaint about their services.

You also have the option to file a complaint online by filling up the complaints form on their official website.

In case, if you don’t want to call or fill the form to raise a complaint, you can visit their main office in Chester:

The Customer Advocate Office
MBNA Limited
Chester Business Park

Contact Bank of America via Social Media

Bank of America phone number UK
Photo from

You can also get in contact with the Bank of America’s various social media platforms like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Youtube
  5. Pinterest

Bank of America social media platforms provides a great source of entertainment by uploading various photos, videos, and forums. Also, they use their social media channels to keep their customers updated about the new interest rates and much more.

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Share with us the experience of the Bank of America customer service like waiting times, courtesy, professionalism, etc. the price of customer retention promotions, and the valuable tips for the benefit of the customers.

Bank of America FAQs


  • How to get started with Mobile Banking?

Step 1 – Get the App or Type in your mobile web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.)

Step 2 – Sign in with your Online Banking ID and Passcode.

You are ready to go with Bank of America’s Mobile Banking.

Follow the instructions and guidelines such as ‘Help Sections’ and ‘Demos’ in their Mobile Banking App or Mobile Website.

The access to their Mobile Banking App and Mobile Website is free of cost. But, you need to check with your mobile service provider about any extra charges for data and text messages, internet access or using the web browser.

  • Where is my Account Number?

Sign in to Online Banking and choose your account from the ‘Accounts Overview’ page, then visit the Information & Services tab. Your account number will be displayed by clicking on the ‘Show Link’ in the Account Details section.

  • How to update the contact information?

If you want to update or change your address, phone number or email address, sign in to Bank of America’s Online Banking.

  • How can I check my Account Balance?

You need to sign in to Online Banking to check the balance for your savings, credit card, home equity loan or line of credit and mortgage accounts.

  • How to change my legal name or title?

You are required to bring a government-issued photo ID and any additional documentation specific to your situation to any of the Bank of America’s financial centre. One of their associates or agent will give you forms to fill and would also assist you with obtaining a new credit card.

If you are a company owner or an authorised user on the account you need be present at the financial centre to make them update your name.

List of documents required.

  • Marriage – Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce – Divorce Decree
  • Legal court order – a Legal court order
  • Adoption – Adoption certificate
  • Legal name misspelling on your account – Birth Certificate
  • Reason for a name change – Documentation to bring in addition to a government-issued photo ID

If you don’t reside near a financial centre, contact customer service at 800-432-1000

Monday – Friday 7 am to 10 pm, Saturday – Sunday 8 am to 5 pm

Or Find a financial centre here

  • What is Erica?

Erica is Bank of America’s new virtual financial assistant is always available to answer your queries, and also help you to stay on top of your finances making everyday banking easier.

  • How to use Erica?

Erica is a mobile banking app and is easily available on mobiles. To begin a conversation, sign in and tap the Erica icon. You can start chatting with Erica by voice using your mobile’s microphone or on screen only with no microphone interaction. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to talk or type. To converse by speaking, tap the microphone icon in the chat window, and Erica will start listening as the icon will show a pulse sign. Once you are done talking, tap the microphone icon.

  • How can Erica assist me?

Erica will help you with things like;

  • Paying a bill
  • Sending and Receiving Money
  • Help you find everything as per your need.
  • Recovering Account Balances and Information


  • How does Erica work?

Erica supports the latest technologies, in advanced analytics and cognitive messaging to work as your trusted financial assistant. Erica can hold a range of data within Bank of America, like your cash flow, balances, transaction history and expected bills, to help you stay on top of your banking.

  • How’s Erica Secure and Private?

Erica is very much secure and private since your interactions with Erica are protected by the same industry-leading privacy and security features as the mobile app and Online Banking.

  • How Bank of America Protects my Account and Identity?

Here is what you need to know about your security with Bank of America

  • Client security is their top priority and every partner and colleague is held to strict privacy and information security rules
  • Their global information security team works 24/7 for potential threats.
  • They will never ask you to send your personal information such as an account number, Card PIN or Social Security or Tax ID over the text or email.
  • In case, you receive a request like this or any other suspicious pushing email, just forward it to Bank of America at [email protected] They will only reply to your message if they need additional information.

Here is what you need to do;

  • Make sure you keep your contact information updated.
  • Verify your card; verify your visa card is with you, this allows them to approve your transactions when you travel
  • If you practice online banking, allow push alerts and make sure you review and respond to alerts promptly
  • When you use your mobile device, turn on location services while making a purchase or signing in to add location-based anti-fraud and security permissions.
  • Request your free credit card report annually and check them for inaccuracies. Get complete information about obtaining your report at
  • Check the recommendations on the ‘what you can do’ tab of your account and card security page.


  • Who can I make payments to?

You can make online payments to almost any business or individual that you currently pay by check. For instance; employees, utilities and vendors.

Note; some payment features may require an additional fee.

  • Do I have any limit to the number of bills I can pay in Small Business Online Banking?

No, there is no limit.

  • What is a Payee?

A Payee is a Business or an Individual you pay via Small Business Online Banking. You make a list of your own payees by using the Add a Payee feature. You can add unlimited Payees such as;

  • Utilities
  • Departmental stores
  • Credit Cards and other businesses.

You can also add individual Payees such as your DayCare provider, your doctor or a relative.

  • How scheduled payments in Small Business Online Banking delivered to Payees?

Payments that you make via Bill Pay are delivered in 2 ways;

  1. Most of the payments are delivered electronically. Payees who get paid via this method of payment; receives information, including your account number, through a secure electronic transmission.
  2. Rest, all the payments are made by a paper check that is issued and mailed to the Payee.
  • Does Bank of America offers 100% financing?

Yes, Bank of America offers up to 100% financing. It all depends on the type of financing you are seeking. You can call at 800-479-6076 to speak to one of their specialists about all your financing needs.

  • What is the highest amount I can borrow?

Bank of America offers loan amounts up to $5 million. If you want to know more, we recommend you to reach out to a Practice Solutions Specialist for any of your loan amount requirements.

  • Can I repay the loan payment online or over the phone?

No, you are not allowed to make a loan payment online. But, check payments are accepted instantly over the phone by calling on this number – 888-852-5000.

  • What are the benefits of Online Banking?

Online Banking lets you instantly access your accounts, easily pay bills and transfer funds, set goals, track spending and bank on the go with Bank of America Mobile Banking app.

  • How do I enter in Online Banking?

Online Banking enrollment is easy—and takes just a few minutes. Click on the link to enrol now in Online Banking.

  • What is the cost of the Online Banking?

There is no such fee for Online Banking when you have a Bank of America account. However, there may be other fees incorporated with your account.

  • Can I check my account information without signing up for Online Banking?

No. For security grounds, you need to enrol in Online Banking to reach your account information online.

  • How can I access my account information with Online Banking?

Once you have enrolled yourself in Bank of America’s Online Banking, you just need to sign in to review your accounts.

  • What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is an online service that enables you to pay your bills through Bank of America’s Online Banking Service. You can fix one-time payments, schedule future payments or generate recurring payments from your checking, money market savings account, SafeBalance Banking® account or from your Home Equity Line of Credit.

  • How to start using online Bill Pay?

If you are a first time Bill Pay user, you will have to enrol yourself in Online Banking and accept Bank of America’s Online Banking terms and conditions. Once you have registered sign in to Online Banking and selected the Bill Pay tab, you will also be asked to accept the terms and conditions linked with using the Bill pay service straight away. You will require copies of your bills to begin adding each biller to your Bill Pay Service.

If you are already registered in Online Banking and have admitted the terms and conditions for Online Banking and Bill Pay, you can choose the Bill Pay tab and directly start setting up billers to be paid from your individual or small business accounts.

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