Visa Customer Service

Visa Customer Service

0844 306 9130
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Visa Customer Service – Overview
Visa isn’t a bank. It’s a technology and payments company that offers a range of payment products for individuals and businesses. You can reach Visa UK customer service via various online modes as discussed below.

About Visa Services
Visa helps individuals and businesses to pay and get paid securely and conveniently from anywhere, at any time, using any device of their choice. It makes this possible by offering high-tech innovative payment services such as Visa mobile contactless, Visa contactless, and Visa Personal Payments. Thus, apart from enjoying hassle-free and quick transactions, you can also ensure better cash flow along with complete control over your financial money management with Visa.

You can browse and to know more about Visa’s varied payment solutions on offer.

Contacting Visa Customer Service
In case you have lost your card, you need not call Visa UK customer service. You should just contact the organisation or bank that issued your Visa card. They will cancel your card and make arrangements to send you a new one. In case you are in another country and lost your card, you can find the contact number of the country you are in at

Since Visa handles all consumer enquiries through its US based team, you should dial +44 (0)20 7795 5777 to get answers to your enquiries. The switchboard number to dial is +44 (0)20 7937 8111.

In case you want to report the receipt of a suspicious email, you can forward the mail to The concerned authorities will then investigate the matter further.

You can reach Visa customer service by sending emails

In case you are a Visa Europe member, you can reach Visa UK customer service by emailingat or by dialling the country specific number.

For questions related to using the Visa Personal Payments service, you should direct emails to

More details about contacting Visa UK customer service are available at

Tips to call Visa Customer Service Desk
Visa has an extensive online system to resolve customer problems and address their queries. However, you can contact them by calling the number mentioned above if you feel the need to talk to a Visa UK customer service agent.
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Visa Customer Service
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