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0844 306 9188
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Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 6:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM - 1:00PM
Sunday ---

TV License UK Overview
TV Licensing just got better. When you want to have the shows that you want to watch available to you, why wait for Netflix or spend money on demand or on the internet? You can buy your own TV license to ensure you have the quality shows you want to watch. The benefit? When you buy a receiver, you don’t have to worry about someone illegally trying to steal your signal. By having everyone licensed and up to date, the database at TV Licensing can help to ensure you are receiving the content you pay for and you’re your neighbors aren’t stealing from you. TV Licensing was set up to ensure that through a partnership with the BBC that everyone in the UK is entitled to view free information on TV through the Communications Act of 2003. If you want to enquire or start your service is call a TV License phone number, speak with a switchboard operator and request service in your area.

The TV License services and products that TV License UK helps with include paying for your license online, moving, canceling service, understanding your rights to TV as a tenant, discounts for students and seniors over the age of 74 and setting up payment plans for your service. TV License offers a very popular payment plan where you can pay per month, week, yearly or quarterly.

Contact TV License UK
To reach TV License UK, there are several options available to you. If you are online and want to pay for a TV license, look for available service in your area or have other questions, you can visit their website with the web address www.TV, or one can also reach them at a TV License phone number, 011 44 843 506 8873.

TV LICENSE UK Contact Tips
If you call during regular business hours you can reach a live operator at TV License will have general phone and in store help Monday through Friday with general business hours. As a general store location is not listed for receiving your license, we recommend that you call to reserve your TV License. Just use a TV License phone number for your queries and you can set up your payment online and make arrangements from there. You can even buy a TV License for a black and white TV. Do they still make those?

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TV License Phone Number
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