TSB Phone Number

TSB Phone Number

0844 306 9125
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TSB Bank UK Overview
As banks grow all across the UK, one stands out because of its parent relationship with Lloyds Bank, and that bank is TSB Banking Group PLC. TSB Bank is a publicly traded bank on the London Stock Exchange. Founded in 2013, don’t let its early inception fool you. TSB bank is headquartered in London with over 631 branches and 8,000 employees. Under its CEO Paul Pester and Chairman Will Samuel, TSB Bank is a strong leader in the finance sector and covers all aspects of financial services.

The services, features and products that TSB Bank UK runs include online and personal banking, loans, refinancing, mortgages, investment banking, private lending with a strong focus on retail banking for consumer needs. When you are looking for banking products, like starting a savings or checking account, taking out a loan or help with retirement options, look no further. Because the bank is so well known with hundreds of branches all over the United Kingdom, one only needs to call a TSB Bank phone number, to access customer service and have commonly asked questions answered.

Contact TSB Bank UK
To reach a representative at TSB Bank UK, there are many options to choose from, such as chat or email online, calling them, stopping in or finding them on the web and looking through their site for various features and services. You can visit their website with the web address www.TSB.co.uk, or you can call with general banking queries locally to a TSB Bank phone number, 011 44 345 975 8758. An operator may be able to help you right away or have you stop in at a branch to address your queries and help you with your banking needs.

TSB BANK UK Contact Tips
If you call during regular office and business hours TSB Bank will be able to help you right away at local branches which sometimes carry branch hours from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays, but this is a rare exception. Not all banks are open this early or this long throughout the day. If you can make it into a branch, local questions and queries can be handled by calling the TSB Bank phone number. If it’s after hours, the automated system will guide you with phone prompts to the right categories.

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TSB Phone Number
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