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Travelodge Customer Service – Overview
Launched in 1985 as UK’s first budget hotel, Travelodge today has expanded to over 500 different hotels across the country. Travelodge offers wonderful holidays to its customers, both in terms of quality as well as affordability, making it a great option for families or budget travellers. You can contact the TRAVELODGE customer service at Sleepy Hollow, Aylesbury Road, Thame, Oxon OX9 3AT.

About Travelodge Services
Travelodge offers a wide range of hotel options from its own group of hotels for you to book and enjoy your holidays. Rooms are not booked on a per person basis, making it truly affordable. Moreover, they offer excellent amenities when you stay with them. What’s more, kids have free access to Travelodge rooms, making it perfect for families. The company also gives excellent guidance to those wanting to learn more about hotels in the country.

For more details about Travelodge and their hotel bookings, take a tour of

Contacting Travelodge Customer Service
TRAVELODGE customer service is available to its customers, both new and existing ones, for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call their central customer service number at 08719 848484 for all queries regarding booking, availability as well as all other general queries. All calls made to this number are charged at 10p per minute, along with any extra costs that networks might impose for them. However, network charges are only applicable in case your network imposes them.

In case you want to amend a booking or cancel it, you have to call the number that has been specified in your confirmation email.

You can visit for more details on customer care service at Travelodge.

You can also access online help offered by TRAVELODGE customer service or get more numbers by visiting

For social networking aficionados, and are other modes of reaching TRAVELODGE customer service.

Tips to call Travelodge Customer Service Desk
TRAVELODGE customer service desk handles all queries but when you book from this particular service, especially through the Central Reservations line, you may be charged a non-refundable fee of £2.50 per call. So, make note of it before calling.

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Travelodge Customer Service
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