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Tax Credit Number Service – Overview
When you are ill or disabled, it is impossible to find work. In some cases, you may not be able to work at all. Under these circumstances, in order to help such people, the government of UK introduced the ESA or Employment or Support Allowance scheme, which allows people to live with dignity. Irrespective of whether you are a part time worker or fully employed or even self-employed, you can opt for this scheme. You can contact the ESA Tax Credit customer service at 0800 055 6688 or at your local Jobcentre Plus office.

About Tax Credit Services
Given that expenses often mount, irrespective of whether you are ill or disabled, financial aid is helpful in such cases to ease worries. The ESA scheme allows the claimant to receive a weekly amount of up to £57.35 if he or she is aged below 25 years and up to £72.40 if h/she is above 25 years of age. This is usually paid during the first 13 weeks of assessment, after which it increases depending on whether you are working or living on support.

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Contacting Tax Credit Number
Contacting Tax Credit number service can be done by calling 0800 055 6688, if you want to use the English Language. However, if you want Welsh, you should call 0800 012 1888.

For the hearing impaired, there is a textphone facility, which you can use by dialling 0800 023 4888.

Alternatively, you could approach your local Jobcentre Plus office for any queries that you may have in this regard.

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Tips to call Tax Credit Number Service Desk
When calling ESA Tax Credit customer service desk, it is advisable to call from a landline in the UK as you will not be levied any call charges. However, if you call these numbers from a mobile, you will be charged anywhere from 7 to 40p per minute. Also, have the relevant documents handy when calling the ESA Tax Credit customer service desk as you may be asked for such details by the agent handling your call.

Tax Credits Number
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