Sprint Phone Number

Sprint Phone Number

0844 306 9185
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Sprint UK Overview
When you think of a top, global telecommunications company, look no further than Sprint UK. Sprint has been in the phone and communication industry since 1899 under founder Cleyson Brown and Jacob Brown. Sprint UK originated as a US company that was merged with predecessors SPC, GTE Sprint, US Sprint and Sprint Nextel. US locations are in Overland Park, Kansas.

Sprint UK services and features include Unlimited plans, Sprint My Way and other non-contract plans that help consumers get the products and features they want without the hassle of a locked-in long term commitment. Their very popular pay as you go phone plan can be used with texting and wi-fi service, as well. When you set up your Sprint phone number, just make sure to tie in your other services like broadband, internet access, cable and modems to get the best rates and deals because some features can be included in your plan.

Contact Sprint UK
Because Sprint UK is a US based company, you can reach them via their online options or over the phone. If you are online, you can navigate their site using their handy site map to access and view their new products, features, and internet services. You can also view your billing address and payment information online by visiting their website with the web address www.mysprint.Sprint.com, or one can reach them at a Sprint phone number, (866) 866-7509. You can also stop in any local phone store in the UK and ask about the various features and services that Sprint offers. Just look for the Sprint sign in the window or ask upon entering the store.

SPRINT UK Contact Tips
We recommend calling the (866) number listed to find the nearest location to you. You can reach a live sales agent who can direct you to your local store. Stores will generally have in store help Monday through Friday or possibly Saturday from about 9:00 am or 10:00 am to early evening hours depending on where the store is located. You can also call the Sprint phone number after hours and access 24-hour features through their voice automated prompts to guide you to the right department like bill payment and tech support.

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Sprint Phone Number
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