Sony PS4 Phone Number

Sony PS4 Phone Number

0844 306 9157
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Sony PS4 Opening Times

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Sony PS4 UK Overview
When one thinks of the top games and electronics in the mobile gaming industry, it is always best to utilize the services of one of the top global companies in the world. Sony UK is one of the largest electronics conglomerates in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka in 1946 in Tokyo Japan.It is run by its CEO Kazuo Hirai and headquartered in Japan with offices around the world. Sony was started as a way to sell electronics that everyone could afford in the best quality and as they have grown, they’ve added TVs and gaming consoles like the PS4 or Play Station 4. You can call the Sony PS4 phone number at any hour to access their automated system, but it’s better to go online so you can view their products.

The PS4 is one of Sony UK’s top mobile gaming consoles. While Sony has other features, its PS4 is one of the best games in the industry with its only competitor being the XBOX. The PS4 allows you to play video games in high definition, and share experiences with family and friends. You can freeze play time, rewind it and forward it to friends. As the internet changes and draws people closer together, so is Sony in changing their products to include features like TVs that stream movies and have apps like Facebook and Pandora or gaming consoles like the PS4 that let you play online with friends, create and share your own videos and set alarms for yourself all from your console. If you would like to learn about the Sony PS4, call a Sony PS4 phone number, and an operator can help you.

Contact Sony PS4 UK
To reach Sony PS4 UK, there are several options available to you through online resources and in store. If you are online and want to look at their latest electronic products, new gaming units, TVs and other features, you can visit their website with the web address, or you can reach them at a Sony PS4 phone number, 011 44 843 557 3619. You can also stop in any electronics or gaming store as there are hundreds all throughout the UK that sell Sony products.

Contact Tips
If you call Sony PS4 UK during regular business hours you can reach a live operator Monday through Saturday with closing times varying dependant on the location. A Sony can help you with product related questions.

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Sony PS4 Phone Number
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