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Sony PS4 Customer Service – Overview
The PlayStation console from Sony has been an extremely popular gaming console, right from its inception.However, with the Sony PS4, gaming has taken on a completely different look and feel, which is more social and wonderfully interactive. You can contact the Sony PS4 customer service at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited, 10 Great Malborough Street, London W1F 7LP.

About Sony PS4 Services
With the introduction of the new Sony PS4 console and games, gaming has undergone a sea change. Not only have they become more interactive and more social, but even offer an out of the world experience as well. Sony PS4 offers a variety of games, support, means of interaction and several other ways by which your gaming experience is enriched. They also offer extensive technical support to help you understand your console and games better.

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Contacting Sony PS4Customer Service
Sony PS4 customer service, like most gaming customer service systems, is an online system, which is available 24×7.

However, if you want to call customer support for some queries, you may dial 0207 365 2810, which is available from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday. Local call charges will be applicable when you call this support center for any help.

Sony PS4 has a huge community forum, which is often extremely helpful when seeking answers to your queries. You can also follow PlayStation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Alternately, following their blogs or signing up for regular email updates are other ways to stay in touch with the company and reach Sony PS4 customer service quickly, in case you need to.

The online FAQ and help system made available by Sony PS4 customer service is one of the best and should ideally be accessed before turning to other options.

For more information regarding online help and customer service for Sony PS4, you can take a look at

Tips to call Sony PS4 Customer Service Desk
Calls made to the Sony PS4customer service desk will be charged as per local rates. However, the online system is free and available round the clock.

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Sony PS4 Customer Service
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