Santander Customer Service

Santander Customer Service

0844 306 9133
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Santander Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday ---

Santander Customer Service – Overview
Santander UK Bank, branded in 2010, is actually an amalgamation of Abbey National plc, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford& Bingley. Banco Santander, a leading global and multinational bank, with its headquarters in Spain, acquired these three banks in England and formed Santander UK. You can contact the Santander Bank customer service at PO BOX 1125, Bradford, BD1 9PG.

About Santander Bank Services
Santander Bank offers its customers a wide range of services in personal banking. These include options like opening current accounts, savings accounts, ISAs and credit cards. They also offer investment, mortgage and loan services to their personal banking customers. In addition, Santander Bank offers business banking as well as corporate and commercial banking services to small businesses and large corporate clients.

You can visit for more information on the services and products offered by Santander Bank.

Contacting Santander Bank Customer Service
Santander customer service operates from 8Am to 9PM on weekdays and from 8AM to 4PM on Saturdays, during which it remains open to receive all your complaints and feedback related to their services.

Alternatively, you could visit a branch closest to you for lodging your complaints.  Take a look at and fill your details to get information about the nearest branch.

They also have an online complaints form that you can use for lodging complaints or giving feedback.

Santander Bank offers individual customer service numbers for each of the products and services it handles. You can get these numbers by choosing the right option when you visit

Additionally, the bank has a detailed FAQ section that you might want to go through before putting your query across to the Santander Bank customer service team as this could easily help you resolve your issue.

Tips to call Santander Customer Service Desk
When calling the Santander Bank customer service desk, you must understand that each product or service offered by the Bank has different customer service numbers. While it is important to keep the numbers handy, it is equally important to know the timings for each before calling. For instance, customer care for everyday current account operates from 8AM to 9PM on weekdays while those for online banking is available from 7Am to 11PM on weekdays.

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Santander Customer Service
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