Metro PCS Phone Number

Metro PCS Phone Number

0844 306 9182
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Metro PCS UK Overview
A great innovator in the rising telecommunications industry is Metro PCS. Started in 1994 by founders Roger D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang, this wireless company is quickly growing due to its various discount services and cheap plans meant to help anyone get phone and internet access. Metro PCS UK is one of the largest mobile networks in the United States with global offices all over the world including the UK. It is run by Thomas C. Keys who is the COO, or chief operations officer for their business suits. Another great feature is that this company is owned by T-Mobile which helps to ensure utilization of services via the fast growing 4G networks using LTE technologies.

Metro PCS offers services and features via 4G LTE to help everyone be able to access their mobile communications the way they want. They offer the very popular wireless pay as you go phone feature that ensures everyone can build the type of internet and phone plan they want. That’s why if you have a Metro PCS phone number, you want to link all of your accounts together to ensure you are not paying duplicates for internet services that can be included for free with your phone.

Contact Metro PCS UK
To contact Metro PCS UK, there are several ways to reach them. While you can call, we found that the easiest way is through online access and this will take you to their products, features and internet services. You can also set up a bill payment plan for monthly accounts. You can visit them on the web at, or you can reach them at a Metro PCS phone number, (800) 373-2876.

METRO PCS UK Contact Tips
Because Metro PCS doesn’t have stores listed online that you can just walk into in the UK for their services, we recommend that you call during regular business hours to any of your local phone stores and you want to ask if they service Metro PCS phones. We also recommend that you call the Metro PCS phone number for locations they recommend in your area and after hours you can use the phone number to access prompts and features through their automated system to pay your bill and find convenient locations whether you’re in London City or just landing in Heathrow.

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Metro PCS Phone Number
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