Mastercard Customer Service

Mastercard Customer Service

0844 306 9128
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Mastercard Customer Service – Overview
Mastercard is a technology company and a leader in the payments industry. They are pioneers in providing innovative and transparent solutions to consumers, businesses and governments and have been paving the way for a better global economy for nearly four decades. You can contact the Mastercard customer service at 0800 96 4767.

About Mastercard Services
Being a pioneer in credit and debit cards, it is interesting to note that Mastercard does not offer any products directly company has tie-ups with different banks and financial institutions across the globe. Different types of cards offered by Mastercard include credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and contactless cards.

You can visit for more information on the various cards offered by Mastercard and their advantages.

Contacting Mastercard Customer Service
As mentioned earlier, Mastercard usually ties up with the local bank or financial institution and offers its cards as a joint card. Therefore, for most queries regarding your Mastercard, you should ideally get in touch with your bank or local financial institution through its customer service desk. However, in case of loss of card or theft, you can directly contact the Mastercard customer service desk at 0800 96 4767, if you are calling from the UK. However, if you are abroad, you will need to call the local number of that country, as listed out in their emergency services website.

Make sure to check for more details about these numbers. Also, remember to select the correct region and go through the list of numbers as listed on the web page. In case a country is not listed in the above list, you can call ‘Collect’ to 001-636-722-7111, a US number.

The website offers a wide range of FAQs that you can go through, in case of any issues. Visit for any information that you may need.

Tips to call Mastercard Customer Service Desk
Mastercard customer service desk is a single number that you can use to report lost or stolen cards. However, it is important to note that when you are calling the US number from a mobile, call charges will be applicable.

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Mastercard Customer Service
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