Lloyds Phone Number

Lloyds Phone Number

0844 306 9121
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Lloyds UK Overview
Lloyds Bank is probably the biggest and oldest banking institutions in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1765 in Birmingham and changed names going from Lloyds TSB to Lloyds Bank in 2013. it is now headquartered in London and has as its CEO Antonio Horta-Osorio and Chairman Lord Norman Blackwell. It employs over 45,000 people and has a stellar reputation in London and all over the world as a top bank and financial services firm. Lloyds UK is well known for banking and insurance, and is one of the biggest retail banks to ever exist. With over 16 million customers worldwide, it’s a solid player in the banking industry.

Because Lloyds Bank specializes in so many types of loans and investments, they are a very popular and busy bank for their clients. Services include individual banking, account management for their clients, wealth management, private banking, loans, insurance and investments. The services, features and products that Lloyds UK offers ensure that you have a bank you can trust and a one-stop location that can help with all your financing and banking needs. They also offer free phone service if you call a Lloyds phone number and reach a live agent who can help you with your banking questions.

Contact Lloyds UK
To reach an agent or operator at Lloyds UK, there are a few easy options made readily available to you. Whilst online, if you want to look at their services, rates, products, or features for loans and mortgages, you can visit their website with the web address www.Lloydsbank.com, or one can also reach them at a Lloyds phone number, 011 44 845 300 0000. You can also visit a local branch as there are several throughout the United Kingdom. We recommend calling for a location.

LLOYDS UK Contact Tips
If you call during regular branch hours you can reach an agent or teller who may have you come into a branch. Branch hours are generally Monday through Friday, during regular business hours, but this may depend on the location of the branch. Agents can help you with enquiries or you can call the Lloyds phone number after hours for help.

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Lloyds Phone Number
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