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Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
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HMRC Customer Service – Overview
Established by way of an Act of Parliament in 2005, HMRC has ever since striven to safeguard the flow of money to the Exchequer with the help of collection and compliance. The agency also helps families and businesses by providing financial support through tax credits. It is solely responsible for streamlining the taxation process and ensuring that the money gathered is used for Public Works. Depending on the exact nature of your query, you can contact the HMRC customer service desk at the specific addresses provided at Each query will give you the exact postal address where you need to send in your complaints or queries.

About HMRC Services
Being a non-ministerial department established for the sole purpose of ensuring proper collection and usage of tax funds, HMRC offers a wide range of services to individuals as well as businesses. These include services like tax credit, child benefit, income tax, national insurance, self assessment, VAT, Customs, Excise and International trade related issues, pension schemes, issues governing charities and clubs and many more.

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Contacting HMRC Customer Service
HMRC customer service is not a single customer service number that you can avail for all services. Given the wide range of services that this non-ministerial department handles, it is essential to have separate numbers for each section. For instance, if you are calling with regard to tax credit benefits, you should call the tax credit helpline at 0345 300 3900. Alternatively, if you are calling for Income Tax related issues, you should dial 0300 200 3319.

For more details regarding the various customer care service options available at HMRC, visit and click on the appropriate service you need assistance for.

Tips to call HMRC Customer Service Desk
When calling HMRC customer service desk, it is important to call at appropriate times to ensure that you do not face the busy signal. For instance, the best time to call tax credit benefit line is between 8:30AM and 10:30AM and 2-4PM from Tuesday through Thursday. You should also check to find if your query has been already answered under the FAQ section.

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HMRC Customer Service
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