First Direct Phone Number

First Direct Phone Number

0844 306 9118
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First Direct UK Overview
When you’re a busy business owner who just doesn’t have the time to check your bank balances daily or stop in every week to balance your check book, you need a bank that will put everything at your finger tips. That’s where First Direct UK comes in. This fast growing bank with its stellar performance and award winning service is based out of Leeds in the United Kingodm and makes internet banking a breeze for its online users. First Direct began in 1989 as a division of HSBC and works to ensure its fee-free banking helps the community as well as offering features like 24-hour banking to make it a strong leader in the banking industry.

The First Direct UK bank offers services and products that not every bank can keep up with such as fee-free checking which is a plus considering how much checking and ATM fees add up over time. They also offer online banking that’s fast, convenient and user friendly to ensure you can bank from mobile devices and tablets and whether you’re paying a bill or your mortgage, know that your transaction will be handled quickly and securely. If you have questions about their features and services, all you have to do is call a First Direct phone number, to ensure you know all there is about their services and features so you can open your account.

Contact First Direct UK
To reach an agent at First Direct UK, you can go online or into a branch. If you choose the online method, you will be able to see savings and money market rates, check out their products, features, and see what online banking is all about. To visit their website, just type in the web address www1.First or one can also call them at a First Direct phone number, 011 44 03 456 100 100. You can also check out a local branch and have any questions answered there.

First Direct UK Contact Tips
If you reach them during regular business hours you can reach a live operator or teller as most branches are open Monday through Friday during regular business hours with some closing late in the afternoon, depending on their location. Tellers and operators can address your enquiries or service related issues or you can call the First Direct phone number after the close of business to access their automated features for your banking needs.

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First Direct Phone Number
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