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0844 306 9141
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Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 5:30PM
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Emirates UK Overview
In terms of the top airlines that cover all parts of the world, Emirates may be considered one of the best and a little on the expensive side. With newer planes and fancy features like wi-fi and TVs, you won’t be disappointed on your flight. Emirates is based out of the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and under founder Maurice Flanagan the carrier has grown from its inception in 1985. Now under CEO Tim Clark, its one of the most elegant airlines offering two bags free when you fly! Because they are a pricier airline though, you may find that you see more companies and corporate clients flying all over the world with dignitaries, celebrities and royalty on these planes and we’re sure they don’t need the ‘two bags free policy.’

The products services and features that Emirates UK helps with include ensuring you get to your travel destination quickly and safely. They have some of the largest and newest planes in the fleet and for international travel, these planes don’t cancel. They take off! They also offer features like free wi-fi, movies, cell phone service and reception, meals and roomy, reclining seats during long flights. When you are ready to speak with an agent abut a flight, just use an Emirates phone number, and discuss your travel plans with an operator who can help you plan your trip from take off to touchdown!

Contact Emirates UK
To reach an Emirates UK operator or to book travel, there are several options at your disposal. If you are online and want to look at flights or price travel, you can visit their website with the web address www.Emirates.com, or one can also reach them at an Emirates phone number, (800) 777-3999. You can also go through a travel agency like Expedia or Cheap Tickets to chart when these tickets go on sale.

EMIRATES UK Contact Tips
If you call Emirates UK you will always reach a live operator although hold times may vary. Just call and have your flights ready and credit card information to ensure you don’t lose your seats. Call the Emirates phone number anytime and an agent will assist you with all your travel plans. If you happen to have an AMEX card and you have platinum service, call them because their travel service covers flights and the hold times might be shorter!

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Emirates Phone Number
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