Co-op Customer Service

Co-op Customer Service

0844 306 9116
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The Co-op Customer Service – Overview
Founded as the Loans and Deposit department of CWS in 1872, The Co-operative Bank has since then grown and branched out as an independent firm. The headquarters of this bank is located in Balloon Street, Manchester. You can contact Co-op Bank customer service at Customer Relations, The Co-operative Bank Plc, Ground Floor, Miller Street, Manchester M60 0AL.

About The Co-operative Bank Services
The Co-operative Bank offers a variety of high street as well as internet banking services to all its customers, including current accounts and savings accounts. They also offer mortgages, credit cards and loans related services.

Visit to know more about their services.

Contacting the Co-op Customer Service
Coop Bank customer service is available 24×7, when using the phone-in method, to lodge a complaint or make a query. In addition, you can use their online branch locator or their dedicated branch details website to access information regarding the branch closest to you and visit them during banking hours.

They also have an automated service that accepts complaints, suggestions and feedback. You can access this at

When calling Coop Bank customer service, there are certain call charges levied. Calling their numbers from the BT Unlimited Weekend Plan will cost you about 8.41p per minute on weekdays, if you are calling 08457 212 212, and the same will cost you 1.1p in the evening while being totally free during the weekends.

If you are calling 08448 44 88 44, call rates are 5.105p per minute and you may additionally have to pay call set up charges, if any.

Get more details about contacting Coop Bank customer service desk for complaints by visiting

Tips to call the Coop Bank Customer Service
For people using internet banking services, it is easy to lodge their complaints with Coop Bank customer service online through their personal accounts. Alternatively, if your technical query has not been answered, you could write to

The Coop Bank customer service is made accessible to all including those with hearing and vision difficulties as well as those who have difficulty with memory. More details for this can be found at

Co-op Customer Service
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